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any one else here in between hunting, fishing or planning to hunt and fish do a little prepping? I do, wanna talk about it? I li

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  • any one else here in between hunting, fishing or planning to hunt and fish do a little prepping? I do, wanna talk about it? I li

    any one else here in between hunting, fishing or planning to hunt and fish do a little prepping? I do, wanna talk about it? I like to go out and test my BOB (helps me get in shape for hunting) and i like to read about real life and made up survival situations. Any one else have any books to recommend?

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    I think that there is some mention of a book in the Survival School Message Board on this site by some guy who's F&S handle is Sourdough Dave. I think the book was a treatise on wilderness survival called "Life in the Wild vs. the Alternative". It is still in print and still for sale with details on one or more of those posts on the Survival message board.


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        In the middle of turkey season. So I am working on adding to my food reserves.


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          What is a BOB? Bottle of Booze? Boil on Butt? Bulge of Britches? Dang digital communication!


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            OH old woods runners like us would call it our kit, those minimalist items we take along to make unanticipated overnights no big deal or what we take on our minimalist treks when we don't want to be burdened down with backpack gear. It stands for Bug Out Bag though I agree that it should include a Bottle of Booze.


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              I thought maybe it meant get out and run/walk and test the Big Old Butt. Silly me...


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                OH was kidding, right...??

                I used to call mine a BOB also, but it really was a GET Home Bag, so that's what I refer to it as now.

                It's a small sling pack, which carries necessities needed in case I can't return to base in a timely manner.

                Food, fire making, cook pot, poncho/tarp, first aid AND trauma kit, signalling, snares, lighting, and much more.

                It's with me whenever I'm afield, even if it's for half a day.

                As to being a "prepper", I'm not in that category yet. (It would take too much out of my budget!).

                Other such books can be found easily on the 'net.

                Best of luck with your endeavor.


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                  I spend most of my time prepping for the upcoming seasons. I do have a plastic footlocker with essentials in case of tornado or something. I also keep me and my family's camping gear in a plastic footlocker for easy storage/access. I do tend to purchase a lot of quick fix staples like soups, canned goods, minute rice, that considered prepping? I'm not sure LOL. I just like to be prepared "in case". Crazy stuff does happen LOL




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