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I just posted my last two photos of the eight point piebald buck that I named "Whitey" on the Field and Stream Trophy Room. I ha

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  • I just posted my last two photos of the eight point piebald buck that I named "Whitey" on the Field and Stream Trophy Room. I ha

    I just posted my last two photos of the eight point piebald buck that I named "Whitey" on the Field and Stream Trophy Room. I have four questions. See my first post. I hope you guys can help me with this mystery. Thank you

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    I had a piebald buck on my hunting lease that was seventy five per cent white. The first year I saw him he was a four point buck and I named him “Whitey“. The following year he was an eight point buck. the last year of 2012 was the third year and he was a larger eight point buck. I was waiting for this piebald buck to reach ten points of antlers or better. I was planning on getting an entire deer mounted by a taxidermist. My last trail camera photos of Whitey were taken on August 31, 2012. He has disappeared for almost seven months. Even the trail cameras failed to get him in that time period. I have many trail camera photos of this piebald buck in my profile under photos. I just posted two of Whitey’s last day trail cam photos inside the Field and Stream Trophy Room. He looks like he is sick. He has a long strand of mucus hanging from his mouth visible in both photos and a large lump on his chest. Click on my profile photo or name and you can check out.
    I have four questions.
    First, what caused the mucus hanging from Whitey’s mouth? Second, why did a mystery lump appear all of a sudden on Whitey’s chest? Third, do you think he is sick with a disease? Fourth, did I make a mistake by passing up on the only piebald/albino that I ever see alive in the wild?


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      Real nice deer, too bad he is gone. Maybe EHD if they are found dead by water.


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        Swelling in his breast could be anything from a thorn to a hunting wound. If He is feverish he probably won't eat. Deer are ruminants, he could be constantly chewng his cud if not eating. EHD could also be the problem. What state are you in and has it been a problem?


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          I do not think you made a mistake passing him up. He continued to grow and give you pictures for another year. In my experience visibly sick wild deer rarely recover, they are tough but they seem to have a high mortality rate in even a healthy herd.


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            Wow Gary thats a shame,you have my respect for passing on that buck but I won't say you made a mistake it just didn't work out.You are a top notch sportsman.


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              Trapper Vic, I am located in New Jersey. My hunting lease is located in a county north of another county that got hit real hard with the disease EHD and many deer were found dead.
              Pmacc60, thank you for the kind words.
              Hobob, your right those piebald photos during those years were neat. I have a photo album of "Whitey".
              My wife took one of my favorite photos of Whitey and had it engraved onto a large coffee mug.

              Two years ago Whitey was the top buck during the rut. I watched him chase off bigger bucks. I know he pass on his piebald genes with many does. I would love to see a little albino or piebald fawn show up in the near future to complete Whitey‘s cycle of white buckskin fur.


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                That to bad about that buck.


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                  1) I don't know what caused the mucus, but the timing was right for it to be EHD. Deer with EHD will salivate excessively.

                  2) I'm not sure I see the lump you're talking about. If you're talking about the more pronounced appearance of his brisket, that might be caused due to a degradation in his physical condition.

                  3) Yes. His overall body condition is poor for August and the animal appears to be in poor health.

                  4) It's not up to us to determine if you made a mistake, but I will criticize your decision to wait until the animal had 10 points. Although antlers do tend to acquire mass and develop abnormal points with age, it's not always the your 8 point piebald may never have grown 10 points. Try not to base your harvest objectives on the number of antler points, but rather base it on the animal's age. If this buck never met your age restriction, then there is no shame in passing it up, because if the animal survives, he will eventually reach your restriction and be available for harvest. But if you didn't harvest it because it didn't have 10 points, then you denied yourself a harvest opportunity, because he may have never grown 10 points.

                  The QDMA has a lot of great learning materials for aging deer on the hoof and by trail camera photos.


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                    PS - If you want to find the skull/antlers for this buck, I recommend taking a walk along any water sources nearby the location where your last photos were taken. If EHD claimed him, as I suspect it did, you'll find his skull not far from a water source.


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                      Bioguy, thanks for your expert opinion. I didn't want a full mount piebald buck with tiny eight point rack of antlers, that he had last year. This year, Whitey had a bigger eight point rack of antlers but disappeared before archery season even got started. Maybe your correct, and Whitey would of only wore eight points for the rest of his life. I have no regrets. I got over six hundred trail cam photos of him. I even got around twenty photos with the hand camera. Whitey was posted in the best photos of Outdoor Life and Field and Stream. In 42 years of hunting he is the only piebald or albino that I ever seen alive in the wild.
                      Life is a gamble and I gamble for a bigger set of antlers. Many years ago my older brother killed a piebald doe at the Delaware Water Gap during either sex shotgun day. He got that piebald doe's skin mounted. He has told me many times that I blew it.
                      Maybe God will send down another white wonder of nature. I thing I have a better chance of hitting the lottery.


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                        Gary D - If you have no regrets, then you made the right choice. Best wishes to you in the upcoming season!




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