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What is happening to America? Today i heard that our beloved Obama is now letting people from the bush admin. be hailed accounta

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    Being that I had family members who responded to ground zero, I remember quite will what 9/11 felt like.

    That being said, our great nation has faced enemies far worse than Al Quida in the past. American servicemen have been killed and tortured in almost every war since the revolution. England, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and many other countries have tortured American servicemen in the past.

    Our Fathers, Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers all had the courage to stick to their convictions.

    What makes us think we have the right to deem that our enemies are somehow "more evil" than theirs, so we don't have to stand up for those values that they fought and died for?


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      Good question. I guess the difference I see between this war and what I have heard of from the past wars is this. Every war we have fought in we have lost soldiers and have had soldiers captured. Some of those men and women who got captured came home, but not all. In this war they kill....everyone. They fight under no laws. They fight with no mercy. They kill every single American that they can. In every battle we have fought we have came to a sieze fire, or an agreement to stop fighting. And with time the hate between countries decreases. I dont think they will ever stop hating us. I dont think they will ever stop attacking us. That is how i see it. The values our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers fought for are held dear to me, and should be held dear by all Americans. I know many veterans that I thank for serving their country. But im sure if you ask anyone of those great men they will tell you, you do what you do to survive in war. But the main point of question was how can our pres. let men who are fighting for our country be tried in a court for this so called torture? And I call it so called because in my eyes i dont think being deprived of sleep is torture. Hell got to any bootcamp for the military and you are deprived of sleep. Also I am sure you are proud of your family member who responded to 9/11. What they did that day was an amazing thing and will never be forgotten.


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        "They fight under no laws. They fight with no mercy."
        Though, I don't have I time machine so I can't prove it, I'm pretty that both sides of every war ever have thought this about each other. I'll bet if you went back and asked an American GI in a Nazi concentration camp, or on the Batan death march, or even a Japanese school child in Hiroshima they would say the same thing about their enemy.

        My Point is NOT that they aren't very evil people. My point is that this is no reason to abandon the principles that our nation was built on.

        "you do what you do to survive in war"
        Lets be very clear what we are talking about here. We are not talking about a grunt dragging a bad guy into a fox hole and beating the snot out of him to find out where the enemy patrol is. I imagine that this sort of thing has happened in every war. We should actively try to train our soldiers to prevent it, though no government or pentagon policy will ever stop it.

        We are talking about a group of lawyers and politicians sitting in a room and cooking up poorly formulated legal excuses for why we can abandon our laws ans principles. This was planned and premeditated from the highest levels of our civilian government.

        "how can our pres. let men who are fighting for our country be tried in a court for this so called torture?"
        Lets be really clear about who actually might be charged (not sued) in this case. He has said the actual ground-level CIA agents who were following orders WILL NOT be charged. He actually didn't say anyone would be charged either.

        He said he would leave it to the attorney general (granted, a scumbag) whether or not to prosecute the high-level lawyers and politicians who cooked up the half-baked legal excuses for why this was ok. These people sat in a fancy room in three piece suits and said "how can we justify abandoning our laws and principles?" These people hardly deserve the benefit of the doubt that we extend to our troops.

        As for whether or not waterboarding (or things like it) are torture, why were we executing enemy troops for doing it to our soldiers after WWII? There can't be one standard for us and another for the rest of the world.

        I'm no Obama Lover, I just think we should be fighting on one of the many issues where we clearly have the moral high ground, not one of these highly dubious moral grey areas like torture and gay marriage.


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          To whoever left my last post negative feedback-

          You are a coward.

          Have the courage of your convictions and state your argument instead of just giving mine a negative.


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            Well Ken i guess we dont see eye to eye. But to each his own.
            p.s it wasnt me who gave you the neg. mark, you answered truthfully and how you felt. I disagree with you but atleast you stand by how you feel.


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              I only came back here to see if the people posting here were also trying to save the Huntress. If you care about these politics take the time to vote your support for the Huntress!
              ps Ideals matter!


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                I fully agree with you hear that these people don't remember that only a couple years ago our world was in shock and don't realize the pain we were all in.


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                  We americans seem to forgive and forget to easily. I'm still mad about pearl harbor and now just about everyone is driving jap made cars while detroit goes down the tubes. I think I need to go on a fishing vacation in my american made truck!




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