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What is happening to America? Today i heard that our beloved Obama is now letting people from the bush admin. be hailed accounta

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  • What is happening to America? Today i heard that our beloved Obama is now letting people from the bush admin. be hailed accounta

    What is happening to America? Today i heard that our beloved Obama is now letting people from the bush admin. be hailed accountable in court for torturing. Does anyone remember how they felt on 9-11? Does anyone remember the Americans who where decapitated on TV? These men who are being "held accountable for torture" were trying to save many Americans by doing what they had to, to get the info they needed. Now they are gonna be suid by the US! This is a pathetic way to treat our own country men. My person thoughts are if you had to kill one or all of these dirt bags just to save one of our guys.... then do it. I dont understand this guy, He is trying to make friends with all the other countries and at the same time he is making us look like a big puss country! If you are gonna be the Pres. Have some balls! I wish every American could see the bull in this! But I am afraid that our countrymen will be on the loosing end if they go to court.... They will be judged and sentenced by the very country that they were trying to protect! Thanks Mr. Pres.

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    I do agree with you in every aspect. It is a fine line that some of our men/women are walking. If I had to torture a known terrorist to save innocent American lives would I do it..... Hell yes with out a doubt! However, here is my suggestion. Stop watching CNN or MSNBC and get outdoors or your mind in a good book. News is important but I can't stand all the crap they broadcast anymore. I have found that I am not as angry at the world since I quit watching it. Just a thought.


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      This looks like a good topic for backlash and blowbacks. I have to agree with Dr.Mike, don't get too wrapped up in all the crap you hear on TV, its spring time and the fish are biting.


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        Excuse me Mr. Taliban, do you want fries with that interrogation Sir!

        How about a movie,

        O’ I don’t have gone with the wind,

        But I do have “Gone with the Trade Towers” in 3D Blue Ray!

        O’ you want your feet rubbed? OK Mr. Taliban,!


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          obama if that is his name is a muslim


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            Hunting, fishing, survival, guns, gear.
            What does your question have to do with any of these subjects? I think this is a hunting and fishing website and lots of people took the time to point that out to me recently. Let's try to stay on topic. There are lots of places for people to vent their frustration with politics, but this site is dedicated to more fun and less stress.


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              If we look critically at the interrogation methods, we must also look at what these interrogations produced. You don't hear about all the intelligence and info gathered. If you did, you'd realize these methods were warranted. Simiulated drowning is not drowning, which would be unnacceptable. Most of these interrogation methods are mind games. Ok, some get a little rough, but they produced invaluable intelligence that saved americans lives. End of discussion for me. Funny how the left always wants to criminalize the good guys and give the bad guys a pass.


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                I could be slightly biased having been shot at by said Taliban but I believe that we should use any means possible to get info out of the bad guys. If that means keeping them on the brink of insanity just for a few crucial words.....then by god lets do it. Washington crazies dont give a rats ass that maybe...just maybe....some of the intelligence that was gathered from those interrogations saved Americans. If it saved just one, it was well worth it.


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                  I agree with chuckles, What does this have to do with F&S?

                  but, aren't we supposed to be the good guys?

                  If we are running around water-boarding people, how do we justify hanging all of Japanese soldiers after WWII for water-boarding our soldiers?

                  Nobody is suggesting you give the Taliban a foot rub. They are simply suggesting that we hold ourselves to the same standards that we have held our enemies to in the past.

                  like we are always saying "freedom isn't free" sometimes you gotta stand up for values.

                  This is the conservative stance, LESS government power, NOT MORE.


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                    Welcome to a kinder, gentler America. An America where the head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, calls God fearing middle class Americans right wing extremists because we are tired of being taxed, we belive in immigration controls and we belived in the Second amendment.

                    The same woman who no refers to a terrorist attack as a "man caused disaster" because she, "wants to move away from the politics of fear."

                    Mr. Obama said in his book that he would always side with Islam.

                    Silbyj, God bless you for your service and your sacrifice for this country!


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                      This really isn't the right site to do this on, but here I go!

                      Beekeeper and rocky d bashaw->

                      The war on terror (or whatever PC name they want to call it now) IS NOT a war of Christianity vs Islam.

                      That is exactly how Osama Bin Laden wants to portray it, but that is not what it is. When it comes down to almost everything that matters Christianity and Islam are essentially the same. Forgiveness, helping others, honoring elders, etc...

                      However, in the past people have perverted certain parts of Christianity to justify everything from slavery to genocide. Al Quida is doing the exact same thing with Islam right now. They are using the Koran to justify atrocities that it fairly clearly prohibits. Painting this as a Muhammad vs. Jesus fight plays exactly into their hand.

                      This is really a war of the rational, modern world against a group of religious extremists. Playing into the anti-Islam stereotype hurts our side and helps theirs.

                      and what about all the Muslims in our military who bravely fought alongside silbyj? is their contribution somehow less valuable because they have a (slightly) different religion?


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                        What about the muslims in our military? They should be recognized as heros just like the rest. As for the standards that we are held too. A war that in which you fight terrorists should not be held to the same "laws" as other wars. These guys dont care if you male female or a infant, if your american you die. They torture and mutilate your bodies. And your talking about how we should hold ourselves to standards? Screw that!


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                          Mr. Mcloud,

                          Thank you for the lecture. However, I never said nor claimed the "War on Terror" was a religious duel or a fight between Christians and the Islamic faith. There is far more involed than just that. I was simply providing commentary on a segment of our government and relating a quote from our President.

                          Religious dogma being what it is, provides several fundamental reasons for the tension between Islam and Christianity. Chief among them is that Islam believes the Christian faith has violated the first two Comandmants by praying to Christ as a "God" and by making images (graven) of Christ, Saints (prophets) and other figures of the faith. Many Christians do not understand that Jesus is a much beloved prophet in the Quar'an and is held at high station by the Islamic faith. Islam holds Mosaic Law (The Commandments, et al) in very high regard and do not suffer Christians lightly for what they consider to be severe transgressions. Even the more liberal of the Islamic faith find this issue of interpretation hard to resolve.

                          I concurr that both faiths hold with the same moral code, they are both after all based on Mosaic Law. I have had this discussion with am Islamic friend many times. I will also add this point, while Lutherans and Baptists might not agree exactly on Christian dogma they do not slaughter one another.

                          Western influence in the middle east through our need of oil and through our spread of western culture (I use the term "culture" loosely) creates an additional amount of friction. The extremists as you call them, want this influence to end and for the "Great Satan" to go home. In essence it is their fight against the rest of the world. I view this exactly as you do, they are an extremist ememy and I fully understand what drives them.

                          As a threat they must be delt with. To codify thier tactics and the aftermath of thier actions as a "man caused disaster" rather than calling it what it is; terrorism, is a blatant act of denial and false apeasement.


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                            Nothing to do with the outdoors, but just goes to show the political climate of our country when so many people are riled up about so many different topics right now. I think the Government and the citizens of this country all need to take a deep breath, take a step back, and think about what we are doing, instead of all this blind action that is tearing our country all to hell.


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                              I agree with you, after 9/11 i joined the army for 6 yrs. The Geneva convention is what keeps us from torturing or doing anything in-humane. We couldnt fire our weapons at the enemy until we were fired upon first, guess what- when they fire first our men die first!




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