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  • Trail camera.

    Is anybody familiar with "Crenova" brand trail cameras?
    I've used Moultrie and WGI, but I've never even heard of Crenova.

    Regardless of brand name, what is your choice for, "best bang for you buck"?

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    Bubba, There are so many brand name cameras that are close in specifications I don't think it matters much.
    For my use I like long battery life so I can leave them up over winter. Also they must use standard batteries. Of course,
    fast trigger time is nice as is good trigger/distance for night time shots. I am checking into getting one set up to receive photo's on my phone.

    I posted this before - my Sister lives next to a City park where sharp shooters are culling deer. When this happens the bucks come out and hide in the neighborhood. She has a 12pt who is hiding / bedding down behind her garage. Smart deer.


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      Probably so jimbo. This is for my youngest. I'm familiar with Moultrie and WGI and just want something "AT LEAST" as good.
      The fact that this Crenova comes with a 12g SD card is a $12+ savings right off the bat.

      Stepped out on the front porch (south Texas) this morning and there was a very nice buck in the neighboring pasture about 100 yards away. Just wandering along, sniffing and browsing.


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        I have an older primos it takes good pics but can’t be picky where I stick it sometimes. The pics turn a little blurry. Haven’t really looked at any for awhile so can’t tell ya what’s the best out for right now since they change every year. All I can say is look at reviews also I think somewhere on the site an article had the top ten for this year so that can be a little useful read for ya. Good luck.




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