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Boat trailer repair.

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  • Boat trailer repair.

    I'm replacing the runners on my boat trailer.
    The boat is aluminum.
    I bought treated 2×8.

    Question 1) The original runners were 2×6. I went with the 2×8 because it would be a wider foot print. Will I still need some type padding or will the wider foot print be okay?

    Question 2) Will the aluminum react to the chemicals in the treated (green) lumber?

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    Originally posted by PigHunter
    1) I would put indoor/outdoor carpet for padding the runners. That would reduce wear on the hull.

    2) Different chemical processes are used. You will need to contact the company that treated the lumber to find out for sure. However, I doubt there would be a significant reaction with aluminum.
    After posting my questions, I found out:

    1) Academy carries a material that is both breathable and water resistant especially for trailer bunks. Who knew?

    2) green treated is the industry standard for trailer bunks! LOL!

    The material being breathable let's the bunks dry out. The only better material for bunks is cypress or teak! I can't afford that stuff!
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      Originally posted by PigHunter
      Well, I just always used scrap indoor/outdoor carpet and it seemed to work fine. Didn't know there was special material.
      I didn't either. LOL!
      I'll be guided by price and availability.


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        More is not better unless you load your boat up with hundreds or thousands of lbs of stuff.
        After putting the 2X6 on, coat them with bear grease and that will protect the aluminum and as an extra, make the boat go through the water better.




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