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    Originally posted by Ontario Honker Hunter View Post

    That is a Browning factory case. I see many of them at the trap club. Doesn't appear to me to be much more compressed in size than the case I designed. Take a look for yourself. I looked one of those cases over carefully before making this one. They are actually quite thin material. Some kind of plywood or fiberboard covered with what appears to be faux leather. That style luggage handle is easily knocked off or damaged. I know this from experience. The plastic double gun case I bought to bring my first A-5 back from Korea in 1972 is now missing both handles. This case's handle isn't going to get knocked off! And it's a helluva lot kinder to the hands than the Browning case's thin plastic one. The velvet lining of Browning case looks quite sexy but shows oil and gunpowder residue stains. The 1" foam I used for cutout is somewhat sun bleached stuff the local upholsterer let me have cheap. It will show stains too (per its predecessor oak double gun case) but I can easily pull the foam out and wash it when needed. Doesn't appear the Browning case's liner can be removed for cleaning. I actually ordered a roll of original charcoal coloured foam (same colour as lid liner) but thought I'd use up the other stuff first as a test run. The charcoal coloured foam doesn't show powder/oil stains. Browning's velvet lined case doesn't hold gun parts as tightly as my cutout foam. If they move around inside the case the blueing will wear off. The locking latches on the Browning case are quite flimsy and easily picked or jimmied open. Similar to the phoney latch locks on my old plastic gun case from Korea. The locks on my case latch internally so they are impossible to pry off, and they are modified cam locks with tumblers that use real keys. And finally, the Browning case doesn't have a lid stay so it has to be held open or it will flop shut (it doesn't have a lid stay because the sides of the case are too thin and flimsy to support one). Those Browning cases look pretty ... but they really aren't much ... except very expensive ... because they have the Browning name attached. My case will be going with my great grandson to the range in the next century. The Browning case will probably be in a landfill by then. My case is designed to be functional and durable in an attractive package. The Browning case is designed to be cheap to make but pretty ... and carry the Browning name. That's all consumers are looking for. Anyone who's been to the range knows trap shooters are slaves to designer name fashion.
    My case and Weatherby Orion Grade III (SKB) are over 20 years old. I am not going to Africa and doubt the firearm and case will ever be on an airplane.


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      Originally posted by jhjimbo View Post

      My case and Weatherby Orion Grade III (SKB) are over 20 years old. I am not going to Africa and doubt the firearm and case will ever be on an airplane.
      Yes, I understand why you won't be going to Africa. Building a gun collection is more important.

      The same outfit likely made cases for Weatherby and Browning shotguns. They look exactly the same.

      My gun case will also never go on a plane. But it could ... and live to tell about it. The Weatherby case probably not. Last year I drove off from sporting clays and left the oak ammo case I made on top of my Jimmy (set it there while I opened the door to put the other double gun case inside - it's a two-handed job loading it). The ammo box fell off going down the highway. One of the club members following me to the pub for our after-shoot "meeting" picked it up. A small piece chipped off one corner and a partition cracked inside (which I finally replaced last week). I make my stuff durable but also attractive. That's difficult to find with anything manufactured since 1950.




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