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    Originally posted by CD2 View Post
    After last year royally honked me off, I ditched a lot of stuff.
    Today took a ladder stick to the woods to set a stand.
    Of course the tree I spotted late season last yr, proved dead.
    So picked a different tree, and it has curve, so the ladder stick won't lay flat against it.
    Gotta pick another tree.

    I don't have any now, but for private ground, screw in steps are great.
    EZY my preferred brand. Single fold. Double folds are just gonna bite you LOL

    Might have to order some, cheaper than going with section sticks (not joined together to form one stick).

    Public land says no screw ins.
    So may buy some Muddy not joined ladder sticks.
    IIRC close to 200 retail. Ouch.

    A dozen EZY way cheaper.............for private land only.

    Woods was green, spiders galore. No new acorns down. 65 but covered to avoid tick issues.............burned me up.
    I left my partial ladder stick on the crooked tree.
    Will move it later.

    At least I don't have to lug the thing into the woods now. Clanking and banging............just sucked.
    I've just about stopped climbing trees on public land. A pop-up blind is half the weight of a tree stand and a ground blind made from natural materials just takes a little effort.

    LOL, 65 would be nice. Our highs have been running in the mid 90's, lows in the mid 70's.


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      Pack frame from early 70s (camptrails astral cruiser) 17' Grumman shoe keel my dad bought in the 60s, Grandpas field grade Elsie is just a door gun, not much interest in upland birds and not many birds here but it's probably good for two legged varmints, Wildee Experience day pack from 79 still take it for day hikes all the time has lots of sewing for reinforcement. Canteen cup early 70s.


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        This is my upland red vest (we did not have blaze) when I hunted rabbits and pheasant in the mid '50's. Actually started before I got a license. The rubber liner of the Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0444.JPG
Views:	77
Size:	2.54 MB
ID:	717930 vinyl game bag has deteriorated over the years.


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          Well the ladder stick w cheap flexy stand is the hottest spot in the woods now (but activity seems all nocturnal). Will check game cam after hunting tomorrow.

          Did not make it out today (slept in).
          Fam stuff today (grocery shop, eat).
          Kid seems in good spirits even if biopsy area bruised.

          Got me some EZY steps, ordered 10 for 60 bucks. They were the smaller ones, just bent, w the lag screw pivoting. I've had the larger and they are nice, but gobble pocket space when moving.
          Initial stand setup I used to lug em out in a Mathews bag (from ATA show). They went bye bye with it when I cleaned house last yr.

          So...............10 new steps. Buddy had borrowed a few of my old ones, noticed a couple were from my original purchase, back in '85.

          They will be retired, set on shelf in back room. Ordering another 10 steps after X mas.

          Stands? The flexy Big Game hang on for $60 (not on sale) is too flexy. In the shed it goes (public land backup stand it will be). The Muddy Outfitter is more stable, but still has some flex.
          Tolerable. Still not thrilled with it, but good enough to keep in rotation.

          Next yr it will be on the creek w the ladder stick.

          The EZY steps will probably be used w an XOP (purchase after X mas when on sale).

          New gear?
          Have yet to really use my Steiner XC 10X binos. 10X seems a bit much, so will give it a few tries to see if I get used to em. 8X I think better for general usage. But Cameraland was down to two left on sale so I bought one. Not against just keeping them for the gun range or in the truck for field scanning.

          Def take yoting if my rifle wearing a 2-7X.

          Speaking of on sale, last two items.....scored a Blaser hybrid fleece vest. Watched Field Sports Britain and the ol lady like Andy's vest during the boar hunt. Around $230. Checked around and stateside had em, on sale for 109. Out of stock on every size except for two XLs. I got one.

          Figure wear it over a flannel shirt jack this yote season.
          Maybe a bit too nice for that.

          So.............twice this yr, got German goodies on sale, when down to last two items of each.
          Kind of a pattern.

          Should run to car dealer and see about a Volkswagen SUV..................not




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