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    What is the difference between a open Red Dot and a scope type Red Dot ? Function, operation, accuracy potential.

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    I believe the biggest difference would be in speed of target acquisition related to field of view. The tube style have a bit of tunnel vision to them, the open less so. I’ve looked through open styles on handguns but haven’t actually used one so no expert.


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      Jimbo, I've used a red dot scope on my crossbow and it was great in low light at the short distances I needed (up to 50 yards). However, the dot washed out in bright sunlight and I've since switched to a scope with lighted reticle. In bright light I just use the reticle in unpowered mode.

      The other issue with red dots is the size of the dot. Get it too large and long distance aiming becomes a problem. Too small and it's harder to see in bright light.


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        All 3 styles have advantages & disadvantages.
        1. Scopes with lighted center dots
        + magnification
        ​​​​ - weight/bulk
        2. Traditional red dots
        + lense protection,smaller than scope
        - slower unless you buy a bigger bulkier unit.
        3. Reflex or heads up
        + fast & light
        - most fragile and most susceptible to back light and glare.
        This weekend 15 of us are gonna torture test a bunch of every description. Check out my post on Outdoorlife. It was inspired by you Jhjimbo.
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          I don't like to see the outside of the optic around the image.
          The smaller tube style reddots are that way.
          If size is not a problem, I like a 30mm Aimpoint (or clone). Had one w 3 moa dot on Contender .223. Accurate enough I felt the dot size a bit too big. On a .35 rem deer was perfect.

          Am used to rifle dislike seeing stuff around the sight picture.
          The smaller reddots I like better closer to the eye, but out a ways, on a handgun...............they irk me. Might be able to get used to it. Not tried long enough. Had a Bushnell TRS25 and it worked great, but had 3 moa dot.

          The reflex stuff is nicer.........less crap, just a window frame.
          They do make you bring the gun up a little differently.
          Until you learn that, it can be frustrating.

          Easier is the tube style reddot.

          Reflex maybe not as durable, the Trijicon supposedly the most rugged so far.
          Not cheap.

          For just learning, Sig Romeo 1 w auto shutoff.
          3 moa though.
          Still not as cheap as the Romeo 5 tube type, or Bushnell TRS25.

          The ol lady is left eye dominate, barely. Has astigmatism too.
          Yet, her TRS25 she likes. Says the dot doesn't flare for her either.
          Maybe the illum makes her change dominant eye (she's not strong dominate left).
          Dunno how her eyes/brain wired but she sees a crips dot shooting right handed.

          I think w irons or scope it'd be a bear to get her to shoot. Have to scotch tape her left lens on eyeglasses.

          Had to do that w stepkid, worked great.

          For whatever reasons..........the reddot works for her. Have not really dug into what the hell is going on, just relaying that it can be a game changer for somebody starting out.


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            The Romeo 5 has auto on/off.
            I got the bigger Leupold 1 moa reddot.
            Beefy base, it's on an AR right in front of iron sight.
            It works, but has a little issue around the dot (glare) so might be going back.
            It has auto on/off, but reportedly still way less battery life.

            If I get another 30mm reddot it will be an Aimpoint.


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              I still want to mess with an Easy Hit dot batteries.


              My bud likes the "see all" open sight.
              No batteries there either, tritium. Kinda blocky.




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