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A Buck 107 and a knot in the guts.

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  • A Buck 107 and a knot in the guts.

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ID:	711990 Got looking through the old parts drawers today. Mostly scopes & mounts/rings. An unused (I hope) buttout tool and other pcs/parts. I came acrossed this knife and the emotions overwhelmed me. The regret, the remorse, the lost chance to manup. Won't tell the story behind why it's in the back of the drawer right now so will finish with a question. Have any of you came across something(or picture) from your sporting past unexpected and had the wind taken from you?

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    I have not come across anything in that manner, but it makes me think of how I felt when my older brother told me that he still has all the letters I wrote to him when I was little and he was overseas in the Marines. I had no idea that he had kept them all these years.

    I mentioned that a while back in another thread; most of the letters were play-by-play accounts of my fishing in our crick and roaming the woods around the house. One of these nights I'm going up to his place and he's going to dig them out. We'll probably get pretty misty-eyed for those days and that old place. Overall it was a pretty tough time in the family, with him in Beirut and our dad getting cancer, but still there were a lot of really good times out there.


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      When I went off to do my PhD back in 1996 my late wife gave me a custom mouse pad she had made from two pictures of our first date fishing on my cabin cruise, August 6, 1987. The mouse pad eventually wore out and I could never find the photos. Two years after she died (nine years ago in car accident) I was cleaning out her underwear drawer in the nightstand and found the photos at the bottom. I imagine nights were lonely for her when I was gone away at school or working in the US for Park Service and she kept those photos handy to remind her of the good times. Finding those photos did a little more than put a knot in my gut that day. They are now in our wedding album.


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        Not exactly, but I tend to clean out "stuff" from time to time and think somewhat along the lines as to what PigHunter stated. It doesn't always work though and once in a while an old ghost from the past will come visit during a quiet moment in the woods. Things like that help keep a man humble.


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          I too do " clean outs" from time to time. Recovered bullets. Photos. Racks. Nicknacks. Old duck stamps. Gone.

          ​​​​​​Was bare.min after divorce.

          I kept my biggest deer mount.
          And my 1911.

          That about it.

          Recently had built up more stuff.
          Dumped most. Lots of pics on PC....gone.

          I am not close to anyone or anything these days.

          Am not bitter. Just dont give a chit


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            I do worry about my youngest. Hopefully get her health stuff figured out and back in school.
            graduate.....and im no longer needed. Win the lottery and move forwarding address.


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              Sold/ gave away my old deer hunting stuff. Just buy new. Sure some memories w the old stuff. But thats still head so good enough imho.


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                Jobs.... and family......its all just temporary.

                Nice if folks have mementos or are sentimental.

                I nevet really was.....and over time sure as hell aint these days.
                Last edited by CD2; 08-09-2019, 10:05 PM.


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                  I may have a final letter from my friend. If so its buried. I should dig for it and dump it in the trash. Might have already done it. Cant remember. Coolest guy I ever knew.
                  been over a decade.
                  Yup. He ded.


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                    My old deer knife did about 70 deer.....piles of geese and other
                    Good little knife.

                    Had since 1985.

                    Gave it to a bud.
                    Hopefully he gets some use out of it.
                    LoL......his field dressing knife was pretty crappy.

                    Proly end up w stitches....not used to a sharp one.


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