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I guess I have a question for those remaining. I have been reading "this" for a few years now and I've seen 'em come and go. Pro

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    Claude, you haven't been on this site for a couple of years. Not under this identity. Only a coupe of weeks. Using several identities at once to carry on conversations with oneself ... what do they call that?

    And you call me "insane"?


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      Just a little light humor, mostly wasted on Neanderthalz.

      Whose side would ye expect Claude Balls to take...the hunters or the lion?


      Turned into an IQ test.
      Here are the results...

      Ah outed DakotaMan azza writer fur the second time, and that boy can write!. Perfect composition. Grammar, spelling, organization. He wuz just blindsided by Claude, even though he recognized the name and knew Claude izza lion!.

      Unlike certan otherz, 99 has escaped being a douchebag.

      That he has no photos is consistent with mah own behavior. In Allah mah decades of huntin and fishin, Ah nevva took a camera. Mah photoz wuz took by other people who went with me. Why take a photo of Whut You Do?

      And, azza parting shot, the "Gear" is standard fare for humor..

      As for "stop complaining and up yore game", this is pure Neanderthal.

      This is light humor, not bitchin.

      The idea of shooting a modern muzzle-loader is repulsive to a peson with a custom Hawken with MOA accuracy with a peep sight

      It wood be impossible to Up Mah Game.

      No matter how much a person spends, there is nohin better than a $4,000 Browning Citori XS Sporting.

      And Ah hunts and lives with (as a lifetime endeavour) Black Labs from generations of National Champions and Hall of Famers. The last time sumbuddy sold a National Field Champion, he brouht $700,000.

      Of course, it takes more than a cretin to unnerstand and appreciate blackdwgz. They're not fur hewerz of wood and bearers of water.


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        You've seen it befor, Kitty.

        The empty wagon makes the most noise.

        Also, nevva argue with a idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!


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          It is difficult to keep track of all of the aliases and pen-names on here anymore. If you don't like the site, don't post or read it. I guess i'm a p.o.s. because i got to test some gear? I could care less about getting free stuff i use the site there is a lot of good information and dialogue. It is getting less enjoyable by the day as the amount of idiots on here grows and the spam-filter runs amuck.


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            Steve182 -

            Excuse me fur butting in, butt idiocy izza curse borne by hewers of wood and bearers of water.

            Memory problems?

            After your "answer" regarding the apparent motion of Venus a few years ago, I find it unnecessary to rebut.

            You may be right about the self-indictment!


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                Whut Leo said.




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