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More fun with the advertisements in the latest Cabela's catalog. Going from plum useless, to silly, and now to downright danger

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  • More fun with the advertisements in the latest Cabela's catalog. Going from plum useless, to silly, and now to downright danger

    More fun with the advertisements in the latest Cabela's catalog. Going from plum useless, to silly, and now to downright dangerous. See my first post.

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    Check out page 123 of the fall waterfowl catalog. Shows what appears to be one of the Duck Dynasty dudes running through the decoys back to layout blind as a bunch of honkers are coming in set up over his right shoulder. In his left hand are two dead honkers and in his right hand ... his camoed up shotgun with sling. What is wrong with this picture?

    Two things: First, everyone removes the sling from shotgun when the shooting starts. Everyone, that is, who knows what they are doing. Slings are not needed when shooting waterfowl from a blind. They only get in the way and hang up on stuff. The guy is hunting with a skull cap as opposed to baseball cap. Not a wise move especially when hunting in the snow as this chap is doing. Get the glare out of your eyes and off the face as much as possible. Brimless headgear is not helpful for doing that. The Max-4 camo duds from head to toe hardly compliment the white environment but he is hunting from a layout blind so I guess that's not so bad. What is bad though, is the depiction of someone running in snow with a gun in hand. You guys all give me heck for scoping the hills with my rifle. I'm wondering about your opinion of a Duck Dynasty "expert" being depicted running with his shotgun?

    Perhaps it would be a good idea if Cabela's employed people in their promotion department who actually know something about hunting and fishing? Or at least doing it safely.


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      You hit the nail on the head. Too many ads are put together by people with limited knowledge of the use of what they are selling.


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        And for the grand finale look at the ad on last page of the waterfowl catalog. A guy decked out in Max-4 camo is crouching in the tall grass with his faithful yellow lab hunting dog ... that is wearing a hunter orange collar! Pfffttt! Who would do something like that!

        I also noticed another ad showing a guy hiding in the tulies while wearing a camo hoodie with hunter orange draw strings dangling over his chest. I don't think so! One would think the "world's premier outfitter" would be more careful about what they put in their catalogs. Hope this comes to their attention. I don't care for Cabela's (and most of you know why) but I have no use for a lazy ad agency (or anyone else) that doesn't do its homework.


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          OHH - Sounds like you could use a good day in the field. Might get your mind off of analyzing every detail of a superfluous catalog ad...


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            Bioguy, I am spending lots of time in the field. Almost every day.

            What is the point of "analyzing every detail of a superfluous catalog ad?" I don't mind that Cabela's sells a lot of gear (a.k.a. technocrap) that it convinces hunters they need when they really don't. Generally, that's just harmless snake oil salesmanship. Been around for a long time. But when the "world's premier outfitter" starts convincing people they need stuff that will actually MAKE THEIR HUNTING EXPERIENCE A DISASTER ... well, I think they need to be called on the carpet for doing so. Okay, everybody is peddling those gaudy waterfowl calls (curiously, the deer, turkey, and varmint calls have all remained innocuous ... wonder why?), but promoting "waterfowl" hoodies with fluorescent "decorative" piping and hood drawstrings that will flap in the breeze (take your pick of glowing lime green or hunter orange)? I'm sorry but those duds belong in high school or the shopping mall not in the field! I wonder how many guys just getting into waterfowl hunting are going to look at that last ad and figure they have to hang a glow-orange collar on the hunting dog they just purchased. They'll get laughed out of the swamp. And what's with those Dork Dynasty characters in the catalog ads wearing sunglasses and bill-less head gear? Best duck hunting is done in crappy weather. Sure is lots of fun trying to see through lenses that are all slobbered up with rain dripping off your forehead! Dark sunglasses may be tough looking but not much fun to hunt ducks with on a windy rainy day like the one depicted with the Dork crew on page 128.

            For an experienced waterfowl hunter this catalog just oozed BS from cover to cover. Big time. Again, I am generally pleased with the Cabela's wading jacket I bought last fall. I'm wearing it right now as a matter of fact (just walked in the door from morning goose hunt). I didn't discourage my best friend from buying some full body goose decoys from Cabela's this summer (it was a good deal and not my money). I'm not trying to make trouble for Cabela's. Just hoping that in the future they will be less inclined to make trouble for potential customers. A good "outfitter" does not provide gear for clients that will wreck their hunting experience.


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                Yep. But then I'm independently wealthy. And I also have scruples. Flip a coin for best reason.

                The Duck Dynasty boys regularly do photo-ops wearing sunglasses and brimless headgear (except the older guy who wears real glasses - which probably explains why he wears a genuine baseball cap ... so he can see what he's doing in foul weather). The mostly brimless headgear, sunglasses, and dopey ZZ-Top beards are the Dork Guys' trademark. But none of those things are at all useful for duck hunting. It's all about shtick with them, not hunting. Maybe it makes them rich, but no one could pay me enough to make myself look (and act) like an idiot. Guess I'm old school.


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                  Your "Green Envy" camo pattern is not very becomming there Honk! LOL

                  Yeah, Im wealthy too and having lunch with T. Boone Pickens and Warren Buffett later.


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                    CJ, make no mistake, I do have the green. However, you wouldn't want to get it the way I did. Wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I haven't been a huge success in my life but I have tried hard to set a good example for my daughter ... and now for my grandson too. The best example with money is to avoid buying a lot of crap I don't need. I live very comfortably, but not extravagantly, and I don't have to work. Guess that makes me "independently wealthy?" Hopefully at least the next two generations will be able continue to enjoy a similar lifestyle. They should if they learn the right lessons. Making a phony spectacle of oneself for a buck is setting as bad an example as prostitution in my book. I want my daughter to learn to work hard without sacrificing self-respect. It's been a rough start but I'm proud to say she is making good progress.


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                      Wealth, despite the manner of acquisition, DOES NOT give another the "right" to disparage anyone's hunting abilities or techniques as inept!
                      But you don't care!
                      Do you, Honk?

                      BTW! Those "ZZ Top" bearded "DD" guys seem to be quite successful, both financially and in the field!

                      BTW #2! How long has it been since you learned anything new, or do you just enjoy trying to be a "know-it-all"?


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                        Ah ha, the phantom minus-master at last has the courage to speak! But what does he speak? Bubba, I am smart enough to know that name-calling is childish. I "learned" that at Sunday school a long time ago.

                        P.T. Barnum was also "quite successful." But at least he made no pretensions about his circus being a reality show.

                        I see ... if I was going to learn "something new" it would be: 1) running with guns in snow is not unsafe, 2) wearing glo-orange trimmed clothing when hunting ducks is okay, 3) that I should wear dark sunglasses hunting waterfowl on a dark day, 4) or wear brimless headgear while also wearing sunglasses and hunting waterfowl on a windy & rainy day, 5) and that I should put glo-orange collars on my dogs before I go goose hunting. Sorry, but I don't have to try any of those things to "learn" they are no good for waterfowl hunting. Figured most of that out either before or shortly after I shot my first duck ... forty-nine years ago. Dynasty boys and Cabela's can hunt the way they want. To each their own. But I would have thought if they had any experience at all they would have come to the same conclusions by now. The point would seem to be that neither is interested in portraying what experience has shown to be effective (or be ineffective) but rather what looks good. P.T. Barnum's way. Anyway, it was my intention to possibly save some young fella who is starting out and not as "experienced" a lot of grief. And maybe even help Cabela's avoid future egg on the face.


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                          You still don't get it, Honk.

                          Let me be blunt, sir.

                          With all due respect, sir, nobody gives a "tinkers dam" what you perceive as "errors" in catalog ads!
                          You seem to be the only person here who isn't able to seperate reality from a "catalog photo shoot"!
                          It's a da?n ad and has absolutely "nothing" to do with actual "hunting"!
                          They are "staged" photo shoots designed to make a specific product or brand look "spiffy"!
                          Ever see an auto commercial with the disclaimer: "Professional driver on a clised course!"
                          Show me a public highway anywhere in the U.S. OR Canada where 120mph us legal!

                          Let me end with this!




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                              Forgive me for commenting, but I just received my Cabelas Tactical Gear Catalogue and there are several "models" posing with side arms in a manner that is inappropriate. Holy crap, I can't quite understand how we have time to discuss such trivial things. Shouldn't our time be spent afield?




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