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Just ordered a Bushnell Elite Arc 1600. I have read great reviews on them and feel comfortable with the order, just curious if

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  • Just ordered a Bushnell Elite Arc 1600. I have read great reviews on them and feel comfortable with the order, just curious if

    Just ordered a Bushnell Elite Arc 1600. I have read great reviews on them and feel comfortable with the order, just curious if anyone has any experience with this particular rangefinder?

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    I use it and am very pleased with it. It is easy to use and does all functions well. The only thing I have learned is that if you are trying to range game at very long distance (> 700 yards), you may have to aim over the game and slowly bring the view down until the bottom of the cone shaped beam hits the target. If you don't do this, it may pick up a piece of sage brush or the crest of a hill several hundred yards ahead of the animal.

    For example I was ranging a buffalo at 750 yards. I could clearly see the animal but there was a rise in the prairie that came up to the level of his feet. When I ranged, it said 575 yards. When I lowered from above, I got the true range of 750 yards to the buffalo. This is common with all range finders because they emit a cone shaped signal that gets pretty large at very long ranges. It is a special consideration when you are ranging out to 1600 yards. This is exactly the functionality I prefer though. If the cone were smaller, I'd have to aim EXACTLY on target and may have trouble getting a range quickly enough with normal field wobble. This one works in a second and is always right as long as you can lower over the target until it gets the reading.

    I especially like the automatic compensation for angle at long range based on the ballistics of my load. That saves me from having to use other software to calculate the shot at very long range.

    This Spring, I used it for fox and coyote hunting. Among the half dozen other expensive range finders used by my buddies, none of them could tell me the range of foxes I got between 400 and 750 yards. The Bushnell Elite ARC 1600 nailed them all right on the dot and I have no doubt that it would work just as well for a fox beyond 10000 yards on the snow (I just haven't found one at that range to test it). I also used to have trouble ranging antelope with other range finders. Most can't distinguish the antelope from the prairie grass rising to its belly... not this one! It does the job just fine.

    There may be better range finders and there are certainly more expensive range finders but I am very comfortable using this one for hunting fox to buffalo sized game out to 1000 yards in all natural field conditions.

    I'm pretty amazed at what it accomplishes for its relatively low cost. I'll be using mine elk and mule deer hunting this Fall and know it will serve me very well at ranges out to 1000 yards (I'm ranging game at 1500 yards just fine). I think you have made a wise decision and will like it very much... best of luck!


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      Sorry all... "it would work just as well for a fox beyond 1000 yards on the snow." Too many zeroes.


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        Thanks Dakota, that's a good tip on creeping into the target. I'm pretty excited for it to come in. I've been shooting basketball sized targets at 700 (the best my leupy will range) pretty regularly and I feel like my gun, and sometimes me, are capable of more so I really look forward to pushing it out there a little more.


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          ricky, the ARC 1600 will get you the range you need. I find that the absolute most important aspect of long range shooting (once you get an accurate rifle and a tuned load) is to determine the exact range under real hunting conditions. As an example, a 168g 30-06 bullet starting out at 3000 fps drops nearly 40 inches between 950 yards and 1000 yards. You would miss that basketball big time if your range finder was just a little off. Have fun with your great new toy!


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            Ricky, what are you shooting? Are you using heavy for caliber Berger bullets? Not sure if your barrel will support it but they will hit tennis balls at that range real consistently with a top notch barrel and load.


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              180 grn. tipped barnes out of my .300 RUM...most recent group was a little bigger than a softball at 700. Played with the 1600 today and I must say I like it. Off a steady rest I was pretty easily ranging trees at 1650, free handed brush at 1300 quite a few times. I won't be hunting big game at that range, but it's good to know that my gun will no longer be limited by my ranging abilities.


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                Your rifle will supply enough energy for 1000 yard hunting if it is accurate enough. If you are getting less than 1 MOA groups at 700 yards with those Barnes bullets I suspect it is a shooter and so are you. I suggest you try Berger 210g and/or 215g bullets in your RUM. They are much more accurate at long range and they also hold their velocity/energy better than the Barnes. Retumbo or RL-25 should be fast and accurate for you. I know you will like your new range finder... it is a very functional and satisfying tool. 1600 yards is no problem for it.




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