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So I am getting exited because my first year hunting will start October 1st so I am finishing gathering everything I need. I am

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  • So I am getting exited because my first year hunting will start October 1st so I am finishing gathering everything I need. I am

    So I am getting exited because my first year hunting will start October 1st so I am finishing gathering everything I need. I am using the old woodland BDUs my dad gave me, I am not sure if I should buy a new pair of boots. I have basic ones that I mainly use in the winter and I am debating if I should use those or buy a new pair. Any suggestions?

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    Go for comfort, whatever it takes, and that includes feed that are warm, dry and blister free. You don't want winter boots that will make your feet sweat in the early season. You don't have to drop a bundle on new boots---both Bass Pro and Cabela's have good prices on store brand boots that are decent quality, they just may not last as long as the top of the line footwear.


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      Whut country road said.


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        Depends on the type of hunting you are doing (I assume archery), style that you hunt, and location. When I was archery hunting in Missouri, I opted for some lighter goretex hiking boots when I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking/hiking looking for deer. If I knew I was going to be sitting in a blind for a longer time, I would go with some boots that were a little warmer but still light enough that I wouldn't start sweating on the walk in. If I was only a few hundred yards away from where I parked and it was one of those colder/wet fall days, I would throw on some heavy rubber boots and blouse them so water wouldn't get in. But, I have also entirely forgot my boots and was sitting in a tree stand with my Crocs (not the most recommended shoes to go hunting with).


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          DranDran, wait till the night before your first hunt you won't be able to sleep.
          It is similar to the night before Christmas when you were a small child waiting for Santa Claus.

          I like my Muck company Woody Elite Boots for the sixteen reasons listed below;

          1. 100% Waterproof

          2. Flexible Natural rubber upper reinforcement

          3. Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage

          4. Reasonable in cost

          5. Comfortable

          6. Great in the swamps or mountains

          7. Warm comfort range -40 to 60F

          8. They make a boot for big sizes. Most boots go up to size 12.

          9. It snugs over your calf keeping the cold out

          10. Anti-microbial treatment prevents growth of odor causing bacteria

          11. Lightweight

          12. EVA molded midsole with contoured foot bed

          13. Reinforced toe protection with a wrap-up bumper

          14. Inscentible® scent masking for improved concealment when hunting

          15. Molded outsole is rugged, aggressive and durable for maximum protection

          16. Additional Achilles overlay for added protection

          Good Luck!


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            Whut bayouwoof said.


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              DranDran - I see this as a financial situation, and also a question about the condition of the boots you own.
              Only you can answer that.


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                Wish I was your age again. I started hunting big game almost 60 years ago and I can still remember the first day.
                I cobbled together clothes and used boots from a army-navy surplus store. Borrowed gun and also carried a .45 cap and ball pistol. What ever it takes to get out there - enjoy, learn and be safe. These will be memories you will have for the rest of your life. Even if you do not get something, just be happy you are out in God's country.


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                  Sounds like you were ready for whatever you were to encounter. .45 cap and ball that's funny!


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                    They are not too warm because my feet don't really get cold and they are in good shape. Would it be alright to put 1 slug through my Model 12 with full choke to see what the recoil is like? It was made in 1919 so I don't want to do any damage to the barrel


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                      If, as you say, your boots are in good shape, and apparently otherwise serviceable, why would you want new ones? To keep in style, or keep up with your buddies?

                      Unless you or your family have lots of cash to spend, you leave me with no good reason to suggest getting new boots.


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                        Not really a good idea. If you do, only shoot a rifled brenneke slug, available by RWS or Rottweil.

                        BTW, you won't need an alarm clock on the morning of opening day, and probably not for the rest of the opening days you hunt.

                        Safado, I had a 30-40 Krag and the .45 and thought I was under gunned. LOL I was in bear country but did not get a shot at one. One of the most exciting days of my life.


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                          @jhjimbo, I have remington sluggers on the box they say safe through all chokes. I just want to make sure before I go shooting on sunday


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                            If they say safe they must be rifled slugs so they give a little when they go through the choke. You should be fine.
                            Good luck.


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                              You can probably survive your first few days with the boots you have and a good pair of wool socks. A good pair of boots like those described by Mr. Devine above will be one of the best investments of your hunting career. Freezing feet can ruin an otherwise great hunt. So can rain... that is why my second investment recommendation is good rain wear. Have fun, be safe and good luck! I wish I were there with you to see you experience the adventure of hunting for the first time. I still remember mine!




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