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Im getting ready to buy either a bow or crossbow, I was just wondering what people thought was better for them as far as name br

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  • Im getting ready to buy either a bow or crossbow, I was just wondering what people thought was better for them as far as name br

    Im getting ready to buy either a bow or crossbow, I was just wondering what people thought was better for them as far as name brands. also looking to keep it under $600

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    I would definitely get a bow rather than a crossbow. Crossbows, on average, are more regulated when it comes to hunting. Not sure if you are buying your first bow or if you have a bit of experience, but I would recommend reading Dave Hurteau's article on testing bows for $300. The Bear Encounter topped the bows and was pretty competitive against the $700-class of bows.


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      Perhaps the biggest advantage that a crossbow has over the compound bow is its ease of use. It doesn’t take very long to learn how to use a crossbow, while it can take a long time to master a compound, a cam, recurve or a long bow.

      Another crossbow advantage is it takes less movement before a shot. Regular bow you must draw back the bow and a deer could hear your clothing rub, a noisy bow, a bone crack or another sound.

      The advantage of regular bows is they are three times lighter. Walking a long distance to your hunting spot could be a killer with a heavy crossbow.

      Regular bows are much faster to load for a second shot if needed.

      My opinion I think it is more of a sport using a bow over a cross "gun" with its trigger pull and its gun stock.

      In New Jersey for years you had to be handicap and were unable to pull the bow string back then you could use a crossbow license. Jersey passed the law a few years ago now every Joe Six Pack can use one today.


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        thank you both for your help I think im going with a compound bow I had one before it was a old PSE so I know how to use one.


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          By the way if you want a bow buy a Hoyt.

          If you want a crossbow get a "Ten Point". My hunting friend Wayne loves his Ten Point crossbow. He told me his quiver broke on his crossbow and Customer Service for Ten Point send him a new one free of charge.

          A's Sporting Goods Store employee told Wayne and I that Barnett Crossbow Customer Service stinks.


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            Make sure to look at you local laws. Some states do not allow crossbows during archry season. I have never owned or even used a crossbow, so I would say get a compound. There are a lot out there within your price range. Before you dive into it, go to a few places that sell bow, specificaly a dedicated archery shop, and test different bows. Bear makes some really good bows, but for me they just don't feel right in my hand. Bowtech/Diamond is what feels the best for me. There are many good manufactures out there.




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