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I can make 50 yards shots and practice them regularly with my bow. My groups just are not as tight as I would like. do you think

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  • I can make 50 yards shots and practice them regularly with my bow. My groups just are not as tight as I would like. do you think

    I can make 50 yards shots and practice them regularly with my bow. My groups just are not as tight as I would like. do you think it would be benificail if I refletched my arrows with a 2 or 3 degree helical on my blazers. I shoot fixed blades.

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    I limit shots on deer to the range where i can put all my arrows into a softball sized target. For me currently this is 35 yds.


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      There are so many variables concerning your personal archery set-up.
      First, your bow must be precisely tuned. Secondly, your shooting form must be dead-on consistent. Also you need to be drawing your maximum effective poundage. With these in mind, you'll need super straight arrows ($$$!). Then you can experiment with fletchings and broadheads to find the winning combination that maximizes your distance shooting. Yes,it is time consuming and can get expensive, but the more you put into the sport, the more you get out of it!


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        First of all you did not state what the group size is that you are getting. As for expensive arrows and such I would slightly disagree. I shoot Gold Tip 7595 and they are right at 100 a dozen. By far some of the least expensive arrows on the market. When I was shooting 3-4 times a week I could get 5 arrows in about a 4-6 inch group and sometimes a little smaller with more practice. So maybe try to determine what a good group is. Although the bow does need to be tuned.


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          A helical twist will get your arrow spinning faster off the bow and get faster arrow correction (reduce arrow wobble). This should result in better accurracy. I shoot NAP Quickfletch veins with a twist and have found fantastic results. But this is just one of many variables to consider.

          I keep my hunting abilities separate from my target abilities as the odds of getting a range-like shot from a treestand, in weather, with a live animal are very rare. I also can shoot 50 yards with accuracy but I limit my hunting range to 40 yrds.

          Know your bow but more importantly know yourself. Your limitations will never be overcome by equipment. If anyone is interested, I wrote a short article about this topic at




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