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being a little bored lately i am kind of thinking about trying to make a knife. but i really dont know where to even begin. and

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  • being a little bored lately i am kind of thinking about trying to make a knife. but i really dont know where to even begin. and

    being a little bored lately i am kind of thinking about trying to make a knife. but i really dont know where to even begin. and suggestions, tips, or websties would be appreciated?

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    That was my grade 11 welding project.

    You'll have a much easier time if you make a full tang construction.

    Use good steel. 440 ss is a good choice.

    Pakawood is a descent handle at a good price. Micarta is pretty well indestructable but costs a little more. Have it heat treated by a pro.

    You have a lot of filing ahead of you so be patient.

    I made a knife in grade 11 and a tomahawk in grade 12. The knife took me about 40 hours and the tomahawk 90.

    The reward comes at the end result. Enjoy!


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      I read an article (from F&S, I think) a few years back about using the metal from old saws to make knives. I tried it with an old crosscut saw and was able to produce a very sharp, though rather thin and flexible, knife. I made the handle from an oak branch and used the brass from a shotgun shell as a butt cap. The slimness and pliability of the blade make it perfect for certain tasks, and I still use it today. I don't know exactly what kind of steel the blade is, but it will get shaving-sharp in just a few licks.


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        Far rider that is high carbon steel,from that saw.


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          great stuff above... old files, old circuler (Round saw blades) make great knives
          If ya got access to a plasma cutter even better or cutting torch

          yes lots of filing, bench grinders work for the intial part.

          yes on the full tang.

          handles.. lots to choose from in wood. I made one by whittling and getting it how I wanted then cutting in half/ drill holes thru.. and attached using sunken lock nuts on small bolts..


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            if you can find a copy of ,the fifty dollar knife shop,it will help you alot.were you going to make your knife by forging it out,or stock removal?theres many forums is very informative.good luck and remember files although they hold a excellent edge are not good for knives as they are too brittle.


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              they had an article on making a knife in the cheap thrills issue from last year.


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                If you don't have the time you could always by a kit. You choose the blade you want (full tang) and then cut your own wood (then stain it), antler, or horn to fit it.


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                  there was a article about how to make a knife from a saw blade last year maybe? In one of the magazines.


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                    If you want to smith your own blade an old file is good steel stock to work. Have a Class B fire extinguisher handy when you go to oil temper the edge. If on the other hand you want to start out with a manufactured blade blank try for Crazy Crow Trading Post. They also have a good stock of bolsters, etc. and handle stock. If you ever wanted to build your own custom Mora knife you can get the blades and bolsters from Ben's Backwoods on the web. F&S did a nice piece on the Mora knives on this site.


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                      I purchased a book (How to Make Knives, by Richard W. Barney and Robert W. Loveless), which led to another book or two. I purchased a kit for a full-tang knife from an ad I found in BLADE Magazine, and that developed well, but gave it to a friend who admired it. I recently purchased another kit and I hope to work on that. I haven't ventured beyond the kits yet, but it has been fun. I found the kit easier to deal with than crafting the leather sheath, since it's been 12-13 years since I've done any leatherwork, but I'm enjoying the process. Best of luck on whatever project you tackle!


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                        Excuse me for plugging another publication, but one I write for "The Backwoodsman" has an article most every issue about some aspect of knife making. The Nov./Dec. 2008 issue has a reprint of an excellent step by step illustrated instructions for making a knife from a file. Back issues are available at




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