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Braided line on a spin caster.

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  • Braided line on a spin caster.

    Something I’ve learned recently. I’m a simple, no nonsense fisherman. I use and have used a spin caster since I was a kid. I’ve never seen the benefit of bait casters or spinner reels. I like to spend my time fishing instead of getting my line untangled (bird nesting). I rarely have this problem with my Zebco spin caster. Now, the other day I decided to try braided line. I really liked it and as a matter of fact I caught one of the largest rainbow river trout that I’ve ever caught! But, after taking a picture of it and releasing it I started having trouble casting. So I took the cap off and noticed the bale had a fairly deep grove in it made by the braided line when I reeled in the large fish. I noticed also that the bale seemed to be made from a soft aluminum or some other soft metal. So I dug our one of my older Revolution spin casters and found the bale on it was made of a much harder metal. Well I loaded this reel with the braided line and haven’t had any problems! I since have learned that Zebco has recently come out with a new spin caster the call the Bullet which will take braided line with no issues. I haven’t bought one yet due to it selling for close to $100 but I probably will eventually. I realize this is along post. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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    No sir. As a kid growing up, spin casting reels were unheard of in my area.
    I learned to cast with a Shakespeare "Criterion" reel with what appeared to be black, braided rope! LOL! It was probably 30 pound test.
    ...and I yes, I spent lots of time digging bird nests out.
    Braided line is softer and abrasives attach/embed themselves into the line easily.
    Mono line has a "harder" surface and debris doesn't adhere as readily.

    In time, the braided line will cut the other bail also.


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      Braided line can be very destructive on a reel and rod. Haven’t had to much problems with my stuff since it’s new and built to fit braid better. The biggest problem would be that braid will cut groves into your eye holes on the rod. If it is not built with some of the stronger materials they have today your going to have braid mess up your tackle equipment.


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        Yes indeed... Like you, I started out with a nice spin cast and loved it. I still like using one often just for old time's sake. When I tried braided line I had the same problem you experienced. The braid has worn every bail I've tried so I now just use monofiliment line and that has always worked fine for me.

        I really don't have trouble getting about the same cast distance with mono. I do like the lack of stretch in braided line for setting the hook but in over 65 years of fishing, I don't ever recall missing when I set the hook. I do notice the line stretch of mono if I"m fishing 90-120 feet deep for grouper because they will stretch the line and get to their hidey hole before I can reel.

        I rarely break mono line as long as I test good knots on terminal tackle, even when I bass fish with 4# and 6# line for sport. I also notice that line sensitive fish (like stripers and trout) go for the invisible mono better than braided line. I don't troll with my spin cast but find that braid is much better for deep trolling because you get such thin line for the same weight class.

        Enjoy that spin cast. I love mine even though I use all other types of reels as well.




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