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I spent 5 hours in the saddle riding to a high mountain lake well known for both large cut-throat trout and the ruggedness of th

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  • I spent 5 hours in the saddle riding to a high mountain lake well known for both large cut-throat trout and the ruggedness of th

    I spent 5 hours in the saddle riding to a high mountain lake well known for both large cut-throat trout and the ruggedness of the trails leading to it. However when we got there we found out that neither reel on the pack rods we brought worked. So the fish were safe and we got to ride back the way we came. At least we got a great 10 hour ride through some spectacular country. Anyone want to share any fishing or hunting stories where Murphy's Law changed the plans.

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    Ah reckon... Went on Mah 1st duck hunting expedition in 1957. Mah ole Daddy wanted to go to duck camp (accessible only by 15 miles of wind-blown icy river) and have a drink and listen to Auburn win the national championship. It wuz the first time I had gone way up Mallard Creek to the professionally-built camp and the area wus totally unspoiled and incredibly beautiful. Butt mah ole daddy fergot to bring enny stew meat. So Tar got to make his first retrieve on a young raccoon who met his fate on chilled sixes. The stew wuz great and the camp wuz warm and dry and Auburn won, so it wuza huge succes.


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      At about 8 or 9 years old, I begged my grandpa to take me hunting.
      He didn't have a pickup, so my dad took us to camp, returned home to work that afternoon. He would return to hunt the next morning to hunt and take us home.
      On the way to camp, we stopped at Redwine's Grocery for some groceries. They had some huge, red delicious apples and I talked gramps into getting a couple.
      Finally at camp, I excitedly helped unload the truck and waved goodbye to my dad as he disappeared around the first bend about 30 yards from camp.
      As the sound of the pickup faded, gramps asked me, "Boy, did you get the groceries?"
      "Yes sir," I replied, "they're on the table!"
      "No they aren't!" he responded.
      I stepped in the camp house door as he stood beside the table with 2 apples in one hand and a empty paper sack in the other.
      With a stern look he asked me, "Boy, you ever hunt for your supper?"
      Thankfully, there was flour and grease in the old cupboard. Fried squirrel and gravy never tasted so good! LOL!
      Camp was 7 miles off the dirt road. It was 7 miles from there to pavement and another 6 miles into town!


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        My dad always took 2 weeks vacation prior to opening shotgun deer season and bowhunted and trapped. One year he forgot to grab his Model 12 from the cabinet and asked me to grab it. Dad liked the old winchester and the gun safe had 5 of them in it. I wasn't old enough to drive, was probably 12 or 13, so I rode up with one of my dad's hunting partners. When opening day arrived, dad uncased the gun and had a shocked look. I had grabbed the 16ga instead of the 12ga. Dad met my mom halfway to home that morning to get the right gun after putting me in the deer stand.


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          When home in Montana last summer I decided to hike eight miles in to go fishing at my old backcountry horse camp. Hadn't been in there in more than 25 years. When I arrived at the parking lot I was surprised to find there weren't any vehicles even though it was a Labor Day weekend. Hiked up the road to the trailhead only to discover it hadn't been a trailhead for many, many years! I presumed the trail had been relocated but I had no idea where so I followed the remnants of the old one. Good thing I had ridden over that piece so many times or I would never have been able to stay on track. It was a bit tear-jerking to see an old spring next to the trail where I watered the horses and the spot where I had a Mexican standoff with a grizzly all grown over. And I mean grown over! What a jungle of tag alders. Those things were grabbing me head and foot. Lucky I didn't break a leg. After battling that crap most of the day I finally stumbled onto the new trail almost within sight of the river. Only got in an hour and a half fishing in before I had to head back. But I had the place all to myself, it was a beautiful day, and there were a few nice cutthroats still in the river. Time was short but very memorable (see photo in my profile). Most of the way out I hiked in the dark (with pistol uncharacteristically removed from day pack and on my hip). A mile or so from the new trailhead the trail forded a deep creek. I decided to crawl across a fallen log but wound up rolling into the creek on my back! The wind was kicking up and it was a chilling last three miles walking down the road to my vehicle! Should have done my homework before leaving. Oh well, every misadventure is a memorable adventure. Guess that's the lesson to be learned from of these stories, right?


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            Forgot my filleting knife once and had to fillet a dozen perch with large bladed knife. Im pretty lucky when it comes to forgetting things. Knock on wood.


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              Drove 1 1/2 hours to do some fly fishing for some trout on a pretty nice river, only to realize I forgot my reel. I drove back home to get the reel and then back to the river. On my first cast into the river I hooked into an average sized trout for that river. Thinking things were looking up for me I proceded to get skunked for the rest of the day.


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                Got up extra early and hiked to the top of a mountain in 18 inches of snow rushing to get to the stand on the first day of Buck. Then climbed 20 feet up into a hemlock dressed in my winter clothes sweating up a storm. Just got set up and looked down at the ground and my glasses fell off due to the sweat and disappeared. I can't see anything past 5 feet without them. I climbed down but did not find them. Quit hunting for the day and walked the 2 hours out. Now I carry on contact in my pack just in case.


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                  An overworked pilot buddy of mine in Alaska was getting cranky and stressed out at work when his boss FORCED him to go moose hunting for a few days to blow off some steam. The boss dropped him off in a remote area with plenty of supplies, a satellite phone, and instructions not to call for at least several days, unless it was to haul out a moose.

                  A day or two later, he called the boss and said that he had a moose down, but didn't have a knife!! He asked if the boss would bring some knives out and help him clean it. He said he would be right out. The boss landed on the "runway" and waited for my buddy to come out of the woods. When they had a good view of each other, the boss tossed a couple knives out the door of the plane and took off again!! He only came back once my buddy had it quartered out and in game bags, lol.


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                    Jes fer the record, Shug Jordan's Wah Eaguls 1957 squad, finished the season with a 10-0 record and won Auburn's first ever SEC Championship. The Associated Press named the Auburn Tigers no. 1 in its postseason poll(Prior to the Bowl Games). The 1957 Auburn team was ineligible for Bowl participation due to NCAA Sanctions, having been placed on probation indefinitely by the Southeastern Conference, after having paid two high school players $500 apiece. C'est la vie...


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                      Fergot to add; Roll Tide, Roll!


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                        WAM -


                        Nevva seen nobuddy track details like you.

                        Being from Alabama, evvabuddy hadda choose a political side.

                        Mah ole daddy wuzza walk-on football player and shot-putter at whut the Bear called "the cow college across the state", so he naturally throwed in with the Trogz.

                        Ah had the skills, butt was too light-framed and gotta spinal fracture early on.

                        So Ah went to Bama with mah childhood buddies and played intramural softball.

                        Ah tied the school record for the bench press in my weight class on mah first try without lifting heavy weights and nevva tried to beat it.

                        Held the league record for home runs in three leagues simultaneously.

                        Ah had good fieldinng skills, too, and got invited to play touch football with some varsity players, one of whom wuz Peter Jilleba.

                        Kind of a informal tryout.

                        Fergit it!!!

                        Too skinny, plus the old injury.

                        Butt I'm glad Ah went to school thar, 'cuz the "University Experience" wuz everything they promised at freshman Orientation.

                        The man got up in front of us and quoted, "Ye'll nevva go home again" (meaning we'd go through so many changes thet "home" no longer existed), and he nailed it!

                        So this is "home", with the Labradors andy dux andy fish andy doves, andy double-barrel shotguns andybig game roffles andy black powder cannons, andy great outdoors.

                        Glad ye're in mah home.



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                          My brothers and I went to a new area on public land to do some exploring after the deer season. There was four inches of snow on the ground. When we got to the parking location my youngest brother the last one born in the family said he forgot his boots. My older brother said "Joe, you will always be the baby of the family".
                          Joe said “screw the boots I am not going back” so he walked around all day in the snow with sneakers on.


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                            Sourdough, sorry to hear of your troubles but suspect it was still a mighty nice trip. Sometimes our mis-adventures become more memorable than our adventures. They also help us appreciate success even more.

                            OH... great story as usual!


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                              Tell them boyz across the river to brace themselves...





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