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Has anyone ever had success with the Trout Magnet jigs? If so how do you fish them? I have had no luck with them but they are ne

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  • Has anyone ever had success with the Trout Magnet jigs? If so how do you fish them? I have had no luck with them but they are ne

    Has anyone ever had success with the Trout Magnet jigs? If so how do you fish them? I have had no luck with them but they are new to me so it could be technique.

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    I was just talking to my son about this very subject and though I have not used them he has. In Western Maryland he watched a man fish trout magnets with a noodle rod(a very long rod to 9 feet or more)the man used a small float that he could adjust the depth of the lure.He would drift the trout magnet through the current following the bait with the rod(like nymph fishing}bouncing the lure along the bottom.When the float stops lift the rod tip to set the hook,it can be very effective.You can also cast and jig them through the hole,with both techniques fluttering the rod tip ads action to the bait.


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      Friends of mine swear by them with ultra light rods and 2# test. Cast then slowly twitch it back to you.


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        cast over the current keeping the tip of the rod in the air with a rapid jigging motion keeping the magnet close to the bottom white is my personal favorite I love live bait but a few streams down my way are lures only so I have grown to love them remember trout are a aggressive fish the more motion the better in clear water they may be a lil picky but stay out of their view and keep upstream from them continuously jigging in front of them will talk those trout right out of the water......compliments of team getting bent


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          My son and I have used these for several years . In recently found using a light braid (power Pro 5l test) as my main line and a barrel swivel with fluorocarbon leader works best for me. The braid floats somewhat and the weight of the jig and swivel bring the jig near the bottom. It also presents the jig in a way that when twitched the jig actually comes upward. We have caught Hundreds of trout of all species in our area , Brook, Brown Rainbow and Tigers ..




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