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Is anyone familiar with PA trout hatcheries? I just saw PA is planning to close two of the major ones that stock northcentral P

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  • Is anyone familiar with PA trout hatcheries? I just saw PA is planning to close two of the major ones that stock northcentral P

    Is anyone familiar with PA trout hatcheries? I just saw PA is planning to close two of the major ones that stock northcentral PA and I'm sure will highly impact initial and late season stocking. I'm wondering where "back up" hatcheries are located and the degree stocking will shift after the closure next year? Trout fishing in this region is an annual tradition for thousands, and one of the big times for businesses in a very poor region.

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    The hatchery near my house is one of the two being closed. The effect is supposed to be felt with fewer trout stocked statewide...sharing the pain supposedly. We'll see.

    I'm not surprised that this has happened. Both hunting and fishing license sales have been declining for years. But this is only going to speed the Decline. Both the PA Game and Fish Commissions are self financed so there's no taxpayer bailout here.


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      CL3, They are not solely funded from license sales this was discussed in detailed and was put in plain english by the state that they have financial problems and are closing them because they have to cut their budget and the state defunded them.

      HARRISBURG — The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is closing two hatcheries and reducing the number of trout it stocks statewide by about 22 percent starting in 2015.

      The agency’s board approved the cost-cutting move Wednesday.

      The commission has to pare $9.1 million from its budget over the next four years, per orders of the governor’s office to absorb contractually mandated salary and health care and pension costs without increasing spending, said executive director John Arway.


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        Thanks for the insight guys. Whatever the reason and whatever the ultimate outcome to trout fishing in NC PA, I know I'd rather pay more and get a better product (or at least sustain due to increasing costs) than keep the same cost and have services removed/decreased. That's just as bitter a pill to swallow. Of course, with all the drilling going in up there, the outdoor life in that region may change drastically in a lot of ways soon.




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