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I live in Asheville, NC, home to the French Broad watershed which provides great hatchery supported and wild trout waters throug

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  • I live in Asheville, NC, home to the French Broad watershed which provides great hatchery supported and wild trout waters throug

    I live in Asheville, NC, home to the French Broad watershed which provides great hatchery supported and wild trout waters throughout the region. This time of year the weather is still unpredictable, to say the least -- cold, rainy, and downright messy. I haven't had a chance to check water temperature in the area but have noticed a lack in feeding activity and a few similarities. Mainly, larger rainbows and browns seem to be purusing the bottom, uninterested in all of the following -- short strike spinners/flies, nightcrawlers, dough bait (home made of course), & soft plastics (cheese scented worms). I know that this time of year cold water trout are especially lethargic and slow to react, but I've tried everything from top-floating to bottom-feeding lures. Nothing works! If you have any adive please post it!

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    get out of the river and head to the small creeks, there are some great creeks in Spruce Pine NC about 45 min from Ashville, i have fished all around Spruce Pine and had very good luck, i live about 10 miles form there.


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      you didn't mention that you had tried any jerkbait of any type. I have never fished the french broad, but you may want to try a sinking rapala to get down to the depth you need. The sporadic jerking may just entice one of those trout to bite. Kolbster offered some very good advice, as well. Also try the swannanoa river in asheville. You should catch some on panther martins, powerbait, or corn.


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        Thanks to both of you.

        I primarily fish the Swannanoa River but to no avail this year, they just aren't striking like they usually do. I live in Oakley so the Swannanoa is about five minutes away, more of a convenience factor rather than great fishing. I'm thinking the trout are just plain sluggish due to cold water temps. and changing weather conditions. Two days ago our high was near 72F, today it's around 40F. Looks like its going to be tough fishing for a couple of weeks.


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          another thing you might try is a "Joes Fly spinner" i have used one and had great results, but i would mainly us it in creeks, in will run about 3 inches deep in the water.




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