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I want to fish, from shore, for stripers and i was wondering what the best pole and reel would be? Keep in mind im on a tight bu

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  • Masshunter
    I spent over 1 yr. researching the exact question you've asked. Here's what I've found: first, go to the library and check out the book THE COMPLETE SURFCASTER by C. Boyd Pfieffer. This is considered to be THE BIBLE for surfcasters. You may also want to consider buying this book from Amazon for around $10. Next, you could go to either Bass Pro or Cabelas for your equip. But check out Tackle Direct's website, they boast the cheapest prices. As for equipment: your rod should be at least 9'-12' long, in either spinning or conventional (spinning is recommended for beginners). I use an Ugly Stik 10' that will hold 12-30lb. line and cast a 1-6oz bait ($62.99 from Cabelas). My reel is a Daiwa Emcast ECS 6000 that holds 240yrds. of 30lb test and includes a FREE spool ($64.99 at Cabelas). The line I use is Ande mono at $9.99 for 300yrds. of 30lb. You'll also need a leader: Berkeley Big Game is good--my leader is twice the lb. test as the line spooled on the real. I've gone to Cabelas web site and checked-out the customer comments about these products and all have received very good ratings. You should keep in mind the weight of both rod and reel because you will be casting them all day. Add the weight of both together. If you can go to a tackle shop or one of the stores, ask the clerk to put a rod and reel together so you can test the overall weight of both. When your ready to get wet, read THE SURFCASTER'S GUIDE TO THE STRIPER COAST by D. J. Muller. This gives advice for surfcasters on fishing for stripers from Maine to Florida; another must have for striper fishermen. You can also look online for local striper fishing or saltwater fishing organizations for more info. Good Luck.

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  • bamaboy
    I would suggest going to the nearest Bass Pro Shop. They can probably get you set up for around 150$-200$

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  • I want to fish, from shore, for stripers and i was wondering what the best pole and reel would be? Keep in mind im on a tight bu

    I want to fish, from shore, for stripers and i was wondering what the best pole and reel would be? Keep in mind im on a tight budget.



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