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It has been a very long time since I gave a report on the fishing in my area but the Alabama Deep Sea Rodeo is now in full swing

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  • santa
    jhjimbo. I did not personally catch any of the fish that I mentioned above, so I do not have pictures of them. But I did try to catch something myself fishing at the Big Mouth where Weeks Bay empties into Mobile Bay. Weeks Bay is a big body of water which is fed by several rivers. Weeks Bay is considered a salt or brackish water bay and is a federally protected estuary for breeding shrimp. Mobile Bay is the very large saltwater coastal bay which Weeks Bay empties into through a small pass called the Big Mouth. Absolutely every fish, shrimp, or even boat that moves from one bay to the other has to come through that pass at the Big Mouth, sorta like the GATE in the center of an hour glass. With all the bait shrimp emptying out into Mobile Bay through the Gate, all the fish that feed off shrimp gather at the pass to cop a fresh meal as the shrimp come out of the pass. I like to sit in the GATE as the gate keeper to take each fish's ticket. Sorta a lazy mans way to fish. I do not go out and hunt the fish much any more, I just let them come to me. The Big Mouth was extremely crowded with people yesterday and it was not an ideal place to fish as such, but I still managed to catch two small gafftops, four white trout, six croakers, and a whole bunch of small hardhead catfish. So, I will still eat fresh fish for lunch today. By the way, a 45.60# redfish was actually turned in to the rodeo which was a new state record beating out the old record of 45.25#. There is a class for sharks where you tag and release in order to collect more information on them, but still a lot of sharks, like a 184# bull shark, do pass over the scales.

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  • DakotaMan
    Thanks much for the update Santa... those were were some mighty fine fish! You are in a bit of a fishing Heaven down there!

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  • jhjimbo
    Are you going to post some pics?

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  • bayouwoof
    Santa -

    Thanx for the report.

    Do they still catch big sharks and let them lie there and stink?

    Some of those fish ye mentioned wood be better taken home and deep-fried and feasted upon!.

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  • It has been a very long time since I gave a report on the fishing in my area but the Alabama Deep Sea Rodeo is now in full swing

    It has been a very long time since I gave a report on the fishing in my area but the Alabama Deep Sea Rodeo is now in full swing. We have had an awful lot of rain in the past few weeks with very large amounts of fresh water run-off. The amount of fresh water emptying out of our rivers into the bays has negatively affected the fishing that I like to do at the mouth of the Fish River and Weeks bay. But out in Mobile bay itself and the gulf, it does not seem to have caused any problems with the fishing. On May 10th there was a massive fish kill in Mobile Bay which consisted mostly of Red Drum (redfish) but it was not bad enough to affected the first day rodeo catches. Also one of the more famous fish at the rodeo, the red snapper, has been dropped this year because the season for them is closed. Yet the first day of the rodeo posted some fine results. Some of my favorite fish did quit well on the first day such as a 6.91 pound spotted sea trout (speck), 1.4 pound white trout, 27.56 pound ling, 6.56 pound sheepshead, 46.3 pound king mackerel, 16.35 pound scamp, 57.9 pound grouper, 4.8 pound flounder, 7.29 pound gafftop, 13.12 pound bonito, 36.59 pound black drum, and a 22.02 pound triple tail. We were also teased with the report of a 46+ pound redfish being caught but it was not checked in yesterday evening. The law on redfish says that it must be at least 16 inches long but not go over 26 inches. But you are allowed to catch one oversize fish per day and 46+ pounds would be definitely oversize and maybe even a state record. I will give more reports as the rodeo continues so for now the sun is fixing to come up and I need to be fishing. Thanx..... Santa



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