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in the area that i fish i see alot of sharks take the tails off of tapon that are hooked by anglers and they just throw them bac

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  • in the area that i fish i see alot of sharks take the tails off of tapon that are hooked by anglers and they just throw them bac

    in the area that i fish i see alot of sharks take the tails off of tapon that are hooked by anglers and they just throw them back to the shark after they land it are there any recipets for tarpon are they good to eat or what there seems to be alot of meat on one if i run across a shark with a tarpon on the line i would like to know for sure

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    sorry u cott me on a bad day but reely do you not know that puctuation and spellchecker makes things work so much better especially when you are talking to a bunch of old school guys that have been in the service and paid attention in grade school i know this doesnt seem to fit with the current computer aesthetic but it probably should so maybe rephrase you question in the form of a question and try again.


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      Sorry Laine, but I'm not familiar with tarpon. I don't know if they are edible or just caught for sport.
      BUT! If a shark took only the tail, I'd say the remainder would be salvageable. Just my guess.


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        Was in a hurry when I typed this up. But, does any body know a recipes for tarpon?


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          1 lb Tarpon fillets
          4 cans of strong beer
          3 medium potatoes, cut in chunks.
          1 carrot, cut in chunks
          1 tomato, quartered
          salt and pepper to taste
          1/2 onion, cut in chunks
          3 cloves of garlic, crushed
          1 quart (2 pints) chicken stock

          Pour chicken stock into a large stockpot
          Add the tarpon and cut up vegetables. Put the soup on a medium heat to start.
          Add the strong beer or ale, and add garlic. Stir for about 3-5 minutes.
          Turn the stockpot onto low heat. Cover and cook for approximately 3 hours.
          Serve with hot bread


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            Thanks amflyer ill have to try this if one ever get a hold of a tarpon on me. And are they bony like a shad or carp or does any one know??


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              ya you can.

              1 Tarpon about 80 pounds.
              1 plank the length of the fish...preferrably a soft wood like pine. Hard wood ( like oak) makes for tougher eating.
              Olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika to taste.


              Pre-season the Plank with the ingredients listed above making sure to coat it all evenly.
              Place the Tarpon on the plank. Wrap the Tarpon and plank in alluminum foil.
              Place it on the coals.
              Allow to cook for 45 minutes.
              After 45 minutes remove the foil and toss Tarpon in the trash.
              Plank serves up to 10 people.

              but seriously tarpon are really hard to cook they are extremely bonie. I have heard of people making fish stew or grinding fillets up with the small bones and making fish cakes but that is it. Both are very time consuming and hard though.


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                It is common for sharks to hit tarpon as they fight an angler. If the tail is the only thing in the water, they will hit it. I suspect that the anglers were not necessarily returning the tarpon to the sharks but rather simply releasing it. Tarpon tags are expensive so most sport fishing is catch and release. I've never eaten one but hear that they are not good.




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