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    Talked to a guy at the marina who has a 21' Chaparrel I/O he bought at a boat show a couple years ago for $40k, then put $10k into it to set it up for fishing. He has five recorders in the boat, including one on a trolling motor and also the one that can see sideways. All he does is fish. I wonder what that figures out to by the pound for Walleye. ? I was getting ready to leave and he was just getting ready to go out and he said he will fish to dark or after if need be.

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    Common. I know a guy who lived three hours away from where he had a boat on Lake Ontario. Hardcore fisherman. He upgraded boats along the way and finally retired there to a house he built.

    Dude will not eat any fish at all.


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      It's money spent for something active, anyway. I'm always amazed at what collectors pay for a certain stamp or coin or something that's just going to sit in an album. Amazed, but not judgmental -- there's no explaining what strikes that chord inside people.

      Speaking of collectors -- not to change the topic of the thread, sorry -- my oldest brother collects calibers. One cartridge per. I don't know what he's up to now; he has a bunch. Whether he's ever shot that caliber doesn't apply. Just something he decided to start doing one day. He's a pretty cool cat . Very methodical, and I think he deliberately tries to figure out ways to make everything he does a little more enjoyable.


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        If your a hardcore fisherman than that’s what you do. I’m not really a boat guy so my money goes into lures, rods, and flies. All which I make now.


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          As long as his family doesn't suffer due to a lack of funds, what a man spends his money on is his "bidness".
          Ken shot a Browning BAR .270 Win with a 3.5-10×50 Leupold. Bought into the same lease every year and tagged out every year and the same guy processed his deer every year.
          He never ate the first bite of venison. He gave it all away!

          Some folks is just weird that way.


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            Originally posted by PigHunter

            I prefer beef over venison and give away about 1/2 of all the deer I take. I release all the fish I catch and toss the squirrels, leaving them for scavengers.
            I have heard (via grapevine!) that there will be a food shortage within the next 2 years. We may be eating just about anything that walks into our sights.
            I AM NOT a fan of feral hogs, but if it's eat one or starve.......😖!
            p.s. - depends on how ya cook it. I don't care for grilled venison. Too dry.
            Prefer butterflied/fried loin to a "chicken fried" steak. Any day!
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              Originally posted by PigHunter

              I prefer beef over venison and give away about 1/2 of all the deer I take. I release all the fish I catch and toss the squirrels, leaving them for scavengers.
              Have a butcher mix venison with beef, not pork. Makes all the difference. A friends wife is alergic to beef but can eat venison - go figure.


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                I use beef fat (tallow) in my venison also. Beef fat is yellow and has a taste.
                I really prefer pork fat. Pork fat looks cleaner, has no "taste", retains spices better and cooks up better. But I backed away from pork as I got older.
                Beef fat, to me, makes even better kiel basa than pork. Good stuff Maynard!


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                  The last two years we’ve used beef fat for some of our ground venison. This past winter we went 1lb of fat to 9lbs of well trimmed venison. Double ground to get it mixed well. We ended up with 30lbs of that. It makes good general purpose ground meat.

                  For years we’d grind 2lbs of bacon with 8lbs of venison. My wife and kids actually prefer that for hamburgers. Still do it but try not to use it for things like tacos and chili that overpower the bacon flavor.

                  We also started making sausage this last time. Cheated using boughten seasoning mixes and ground with 25% pork shoulder. Turned out well, both breakfast and sweet Italian.


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                    Originally posted by PigHunter

                    Good suggestion. My processor adds beef fat to the ground venison. PigHuntress mixes that about 50/50 with high quality ground beef for spaghetti, meatloaf, etc. But I do get venison roast and steak cuts too.

                    Spaghetti Sauce made with Ground Venison • Primal Pioneer
                    I slip the beef fat and just have 85% burger mixed in.


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                      Looked at a 20' Wellcraft today-- 200hp Johnson. Well equipped with lots of add on for fishing - live well, etc. motor mount for a kicker (I have a 7.5 hp) Small cuddy cabin, and a bimini top. Nice Lorwrance graph with GPS, anchor winch and a trailler that looks like the galvanized kind.
                      The guy wants to down size for smaller inland lakes. We may trade about even if he agrees to fix a couple of things. Not exactly what I was thinking of but I can work with it
                      Drawback: 60gal fuel takn, Ugh. I can go about all day with mine on about 6gal of gas.
                      just put in 20' wellcraft fisherman and you can see what they look like. Similar to this one Click image for larger version

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