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    Just thought I’d share some pics.
    Click image for larger version

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    Very nice! Thanks for the pics. I really enjoy fishing for norther pike. They are one of my favorite fish.


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      Same here I’m into pike and musky now. Can’t beat the fight they give. Hard to get but worth the work.


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        Nice fish. I had a bit of Esox action myself a couple days ago -- a whopping 10-inch pickerel! Pesky little guy -- when I released it, it didn't swim out into the pond, it swam right into the weeds between my boots, in about six inches of water. I moved my feet and thought he'd swum away -- then a few minutes later, I shifted a little in the water and there he still was. I had to actually reach down and push his head to get him turned around. He wasn't injured; I'd hooked him clean through the jaw, no problem unhooking him. Just a youngster that didn't know much yet, I guess.

        This crappie pond where I fish used to have some really good-sized pickerel, 22-24 inchers, good fat-bodied fish, but it's been some years since I got any bigger than 15. So few get kept, I think, that they're all runts now.

        I got a 30-inch plus silver-strain Northern in my local river a couple years ago. Never seen one before, the silver strain, thought it might be a muskie. Fisheries biologist told me what it was. Very cool looking fish.


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          Never gotten into pickerel. I have seen some nice ones over the years.

          As for pike I’ll get them every once in awhile just floating minns. Not very big around 20in. Still going for a big one.

          As for the musky finally got into a good bit due to the high waters and crappy weather we’ve been having. Between the 2 of us we lost 5. So far the best trip we had yet.




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