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I attached a video from a Dutch TV show called 'Real Girls In The Jungle'. Any Opinions or Comments on what happen in this video?

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    Looks like it went full constriction as soon as it clamped down


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      I can relate! When I was about 10, a circus came to town and I went out before sunup to see the animals as the workers set up the big top. I made a circus friend who was about my age and I helped him feed the animals. We came to an anaconda box that looked like the one in the video. However, this box had half inch plexiglass across the top. The snake was HUGE; over 20 feet long and about 18" in diameter. He was coiled in about a four foot circle and seemed to be sleeping with his head on the mound of coils. I pounded on the transparent top a few times and he struck at my hand. His jaw came unhinged and I saw a mouth about the size of a toilet bowl hit the plexiglass so hard, I was shocked that it didn't break. I was so thankful that plexiglass had been invented by that time.

      We quickly threw him a chicken and he swallowed the chicken instantly. I don't think my heart quit pounding out of my chest until we got to the baby elephants about ten minutes later. These snakes look like they are too heavy to move but they can move like a bolt of lightening. I am amazed that the young lady did not use her right hand at all in an attempt to dislodge the snake, not that it would have made much difference.




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