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What do you guys think about the Mercury in fish. My science class in college is really pushing that Mercury in fish should be a

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  • What do you guys think about the Mercury in fish. My science class in college is really pushing that Mercury in fish should be a

    What do you guys think about the Mercury in fish. My science class in college is really pushing that Mercury in fish should be avoided. I don't want to be swayed by hippies so I come to you guys and ask for ya'll to shed a little light on the topic.

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    Biology at this level is well-knowed.

    Avoid the upper end of the food chain.

    Ah knowed some folks who wuz poor and ate a lotta tuna and they would/could not accept the results.

    Teratology is the study of what happens during embryonic development when toxic substances are present during development of the fetus...


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      The Mad Hatter was more than a bit odd, as most others in his trade, because he made the felt for the hats with mercuric nitrate. Most notable symptom of mercury poisoning is tremors, sometimes called "the Danbury shakes" (Danbury, Connecticut was the center of the US felt hatmaking industry). If you enjoy shooting with some semblance of accuracy, perhaps it might make sense to play close attention to your mercury intake?


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        Yes mercury makes you stupid and yes it does bioaccumulate in fish. It accumulates most heavily in fatty tissue. Larger fish do typically have a higher accumulation and fish higher on the food chain tend to get more from eating other fish. Also as alluded to fish are born with a trace amount.


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          Reckon Ah should have ben more specific...

          Chemical changes during the development of the human fetus must be exact at the exact time for correct embryonic development..

          Any disturbance here will cause lethal embryonic mutations and combinations and permutations thereof.

          If Mom eats mercury (or smokes or drinks or takes certain prescription drugs) during pregnancy, then it spells disaster for the baby.

          Their son wuzza total mess and wz excused from further suffering at age 26...


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            All of the above.
            Limit your consumption of fish and, I usually only take the younger ones. Trim the upper and lower of the fillet where the toxins accumulate. Mercury unfortunately is not the only toxin. Pregnant women should not eat any fish known to have a concentration of heavy metals or any other chemical. There are tables of fish contamination for reference and States have suggested frequency for eating fish from their lakes and streams. Canned Tuna can also be contaminated.
            Farm raised fish may be a better choice, except I have heard shrimp from Viet Nam area can have high contamination. So, do your research and follow recommended consumption amounts.


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              "What do you guys think about the Mercury in fish."

              I'm solidly against it.


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                Considering that I have eaten fish all my life and a large part of my life has been geared around the fishing industry, my consumption of seafood has been quite high. I am only about five foot four inches tall and weigh in over three hundred fifty pounds so I am quite "FAT" and food has always been near and dear to me. My mother feed me fish before I had teeth to chew it and I had greasy fried fish (mullet) last night while watching Alabama smoke some Arkansas pork. I am now retired and have plenty of health problems so I do not expect to get out of life alive, but I will continue to eat sea food until I do expire. I may be just a little "mad" or crazy as has been implied by many and may have ingested far too much heavy metals over the years, but I do not have any regrets and would gladly do it all over again. My faith in God through the Bible tells me that Jesus himself picked fishermen to hang with and become his disciples during his earthly ministry. When he feed the multitudes, the protein was fish. Even after Jesus died on the cross and came back from the dead, he ate a meal of broiled fish. So if fish was good enough for God's son, it is good enough for me. I have never forgotten the old adage---- "eat fish and live longer, eat oysters and love longer". But after saying all this, I do not tempt fate by consuming certain fish that are reported to have been found unsafe from certain waters at certain times by "reliable" government agencies. Locally we have sewage treatment plants very close to our rivers and bays and after a sewage spill, we are warned to not eat seafood from these areas for a certain number of days. Also we have a chemical row starting along the lower western side of Mobile bay and extending north up along the Mobile River. Pollution and contamination, possibly from this chemical row, has also been a factor as to when and what seafood are reported not safe to consume.


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                  It is a real issue. Not all environmental science is a "hippie" conspiracy.
                  There are quite a few waters in MN that have consumption advisories. We only keep northerns and walleyes under 24" as we eat quite a few during the summer months.


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                    In my humble uneducated opinion; All heavy metals have huge negative impact on life. And yet life and humans evolved and have existed around them since the beginning of time. So they can’t be avoided entirely. But as in most things in life, the impact is on a curve. In this case, I imagine the curve starts gradual at the levels humans evolved with and them jumps to a steep climb. A little is probably harmless, more than a little is dangerous and bit more that than is fatal. And that explains health advisories and minimum toxic levels.

                    I can’t figure out if they are more present now in the environment as excess of our industrial society or we have just gotten very good at finding them. Conversely the same kind of voices that claimed heavy metals are harmless all those years are now claiming genetically modified organism (GMO) are equally harmless. We are betting our food supply so big corporations can make a huge profit and not a lot of the data is in.

                    "Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money” --Old Cree Proverb:


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                      My grandpa ate at least two meals of walleye a week from the Mississippi for years,never had a problem. I think its over dramatized.




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