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I wanna start musky hunting. Im probably gonna regret it when im broke but. . . So were would a good place to learn be? St Croix

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  • Reply to Deer belly hair
    by Solitario Lupo
    The three with the beads at the end are actually jig flies. Just got into tying them. They work great for a lot of species including crappie. I add weight...
    Today, 05:43 PM
  • Deer belly hair
    by Solitario Lupo
    Looking for some big patches of white belly hair from a deer. If anyone got any they would like to get rid of....
    Yesterday, 04:07 PM
  • Reply to Nuclear Codes
    by FirstBubba
    If "Sleepy, Creepy" Joe can't be trusted with the nuclear football, he needs to go.

    '06, I'm not sure I'd even trust Bite-me with...
    Today, 05:16 PM
  • Nuclear Codes
    by jhjimbo
    Is it true, Harris the call girl, is trying to get the nuclear codes away from Biden ?
    She probably wants to bomb Syria like Hillary wanted to do....
    Today, 02:46 PM
  • Reply to Reloading Components
    by FirstBubba
    "... Sm and Lg primers $9/100. 100 limit per visit. ..."

    I'd be running in and out of that store like my pants were on fire........
    Today, 05:02 PM

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