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I am not a walley fisherman, but I do like eating them. A friend who works with the dnr said they pulled in 6-8lbs walleye in th

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  • I am not a walley fisherman, but I do like eating them. A friend who works with the dnr said they pulled in 6-8lbs walleye in th

    I am not a walley fisherman, but I do like eating them. A friend who works with the dnr said they pulled in 6-8lbs walleye in thier nets. I am a bass fisherman with lots of gear. What lures should i use, how deep, what kind of stucture?

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    Rarely do I go out targeting walleyed but each year I end up catching a decent amount on my annual Iowa fishing trip. Most if the time I catch them while crappie fishing with a jig. I've cought them while fishing for spawning bluegills on rock piles too. When I do go after them I troll a 3" twist tail off points and structure. Jig head size depends on how deep you want to be. If your dnr friend is gill netting right now the fish are spawning. My uncle works for his states dnr and I've been gill netting with him. It's interesting, 15 lbs walleye arnt uncommon.


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      Your finesse rod for bass will work for using jigs and live bait rigs for alleye. I'm sure you have some crankbaits that would troll for walleyes as well. Ncarl has some good tips.


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        Walleyes inhabit different locales and respond to different bait accordingly. One could write a book on tips but essentially, here are a few highlights:

        a: They like schooling off deep (25-40 feet) points. Here jigs with minnows work great as do night crawlers and straight minnows. Fish the bottom exclusively.

        b: they like hunting the murky waters that occur where big waves lap the shore or very shallow sandbars. My favorite for these is casting and trolling crank baits right through the murky water where baitfish hide. User Yellowbirds if necessary to get right into shallow water over sandbars and close to shore too.

        c: they hunt the currents in fast river bends and below dams, waterfalls or creek outlets. Trolling or casting crank baits is best here. Floating minnows or crawlers works well too.

        d: ice fishing for walleyes is always popular too. Here drop a small colorful jig tipped with a small minnow right to the bottom. Raise it very slowly to about six inches off the bottom and then let gently lower it to the bottom again. Slow movement is mandatory in Winter waters. They may actually hold their mouth open over your jig for a minute before closing it to bite.

        Good luck!


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          In wisconsin they should start spawning soon...hopefully...we keep getting snow and cold when this begins, i hit river mouths at night because they lay their eggs in moving current. My favorite lure is a jig tipped with a minnow. Its really fun on good nights because I have pulled in 15 eyes within an hour and half right after dark. Always tweak the color and adjust the retrieve speed if nothing is biting. I have fished with 6 other guys and it ended up with us finishing the night with the same color lure cranking at the same speed. Its crazy trying to please 'em but when you do its amazing.


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            For lake fishing try a erie derie with a night crawler.
            Count down your cast to just where the light diminishes or, if there is a thermocline later in the summer, try to find that depth.
            Try different colors for different light conditions and time of day.




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