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To any muskie junkies: do you use a heavy plastic or wire for a leader?

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    I fish a lot of pike and use a 50 lb flouro carbon leader and have never been broken off yet. The ones we catch are under 50". Leaders have to be long enough to evade the gill plates of the size of fish you are catching as that is what is cutting your line most of the time. I am going to try some tyger wire leaders this year, they are leaders that you tie onto your line and lure for a better action with the lure.

    I love catching snot rockets, people brag about how smallies are the best fighters pound for pound but I have never hooked onto a 15 pound smallie.


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      Thanks Flushmaster (AND THE REST OF YOU GUYS):

      That is exactly the kind of input I get on this BLOG for. Any more insight, please don't keep it to yourself.

      Its not all about politics and comparing deer rifles.




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