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My fly casting suxs.

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  • My fly casting suxs.

    Many years ago, i was pretty OK with a cheap walmart flyrod. Good enough to catch fish. I Gave it to my nephew and well i kind of drifted away from fly fishing. Other things became more important. Now years later (couple years ago) i stop by bass pro and buy a flyrod (9 wgt) add an old reel and cast crappy. I put that down to lack of practice. Promise to work at it. And I buy a 5 wgt. I Still cast crappy (no distance) . Finnaly i stumble across a 4wgt at cabelas at a steep.l discount. Aw what the hell. I cast that pretty well. So now im thinking, it may NOT be me and mid-range bass pro quality may be worst then walmart. Either that or.... i have been using crappy walmart line on a good rod. If i invest in some really good fly line, will it fix my poor casting distance issue, or did i get stuck with plain bad rodswith a fancy name. Or dont need line, i need lots and lots of practice? What ya say?

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    It could be your rod length to weight isn't right for you. How do you cast with a 7-8' #6? Your leader material the right # and your fly selection? There is some finess needed if your trying to throw heavy bass bugs or when using a short leader. Down south here fishing small tight streams a good roll cast is required. A guy can work magic with one. I am assuming you're fishing dry and not nymphs/steamers wet.


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      Rocky, if you are not using the correct weight fly line with the same weight rod, you are going to experience problems. In order to cast proficiently, the rod and line need to work together. It is the weight of the line that allows the rod to do it’s job. BWT being said, there still needs to be the correct motion of using the rod, it is not automatic that the correct rod and line will alone do the trick. If you continue to experience difficulties, seek guidance from a qualified person, it can ease much of the frustration of poor performance, it will add greatly to the enjoyment of a fly rod. I hope you have as much fun as I have had over my 50 years of fly fishing.


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        I'm pretty good fly fisherman but I've been at it a long time. The best outfit for the "average joe" is a 7 wt graphite rod about 7.5 to 8' long with weight forward line of same weight or maybe one weight higher. Tapered leaders are a godsend. A nine weight rod is way too heavy and stiff for a beginner! Once you master the art, a heavy rod like that is good for windy days, casting weighted line (wear a hood!), or creature feature flies (mice, articulated leeches, etc.). Roll casting in tight spots requires a lighter rod with double taper line rather than weight forward for best results. In the open on a windless day with enough space behind me I can easily cast into the backing with my 9 wt rod and wt forward line. But that thing is 9' long too. Can't work it for very long nowadays before it beats up on arthritic elbow. That outfit takes some meat to make it work. But it is the answer for salmon and big rainbows in Alaska. For smaller trout I will fall back on my 7 wt outfit. Often I will use it with the heavier reel and line in windy conditions. Also be aware that different rods of same weight can have different action. There's "noodle" rods that are quite limber and excellent for roll casting but not much fun for distance casting on more open water. They tend to "sproing" on the cast. The vibration cuts down on distance considerably. If you want to fish from kayak, canoe, float tube, or pontoon, I'd recommend at least a 9' rod. Otherwise your back cast will be in the water too easily and limit your distance. Finding a 9' 7wt is not easy but they are out there. And usually expensive.


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          The kid down the road and me had read enough F&S, OL and SF, were just knew we could show Lefty Kreel (sp?) and Ed Zern (??) a thing or two.
          Since the rainbows, browns and brookies were scarce (nonexistent!) in the East Texas farm pond behind my house, we terrorized the silver dollar sized bream and perch that lived there.
          No chicken, horse, dog, cat, bird, sisters nail polish, mothers thread supply or rubberband was safe from our fly material scrounging!
          A pair of dad's old rusty "Vise Grips" screwed to a board served as a vise and a goose neck reading lamp to look official!
          I absolutely wore out a non descriptive 5 foot fiberglass rod with a Zebco 202, whipping the water to a froth around the weed line of the small pond.

          When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my mother gave me enough S&H Green Stamps to get myself a fly rod and reel!
          I can still remember getting the package from the REA office downtown! (for you youngsters out there, the REA was the Railway Express Agency)

          The reel came with fly line. No idea what weight, tapered, etc.
          My leader was a length of 12 pound test mono from the worn out Zebco.
          A few hand tied flys and I was in "bidness"!
          The perch at ranges of 25 to 30 feet suddenly were falling prey to cleverly tied clumps of cat fur, horse tail hair and bits of rubber bands.

          At about 13, my barber told me to tie a hook, no weight, on my leader. Hook a single large shiner minnow just behind the dorsal fin and toss him in!
          I headed to the pond right after dinner, dad laughing and telling me he could eat everything I could catch in one sitting.
          Turns out, he was mistaken!
          The first bugle mouth trout (large mouth bass) to spy the hapless minnow was a 5 pound behemoth.
          The next to surrender to the irresistible set up was about 3 pounds.

          I still love fishing with a fly rod. I understand, NOT the same as "fly fishing"! So don't get bent outta shape.
          I keep one of those cheapo WalMart, Shakespeare combo rigs on the rod rack.
          Catching 12" to 15" crappie on it in the spring is an absolute blast!

          I don't care if you're trying to present a perfectly placed "Muddlers Minnow" into a riff 35 yards away or dabbling minnows in 6 inches of water along the rocks for spring crappie, a fly rod is a riot!

          P.S. - my "fly casting" REALLY sux!
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            I bought my first fly tying kit from the boyscouts. Tied deer hair into various concoctions and also used mane hair from a horse to make up a bunch of gnats/ants. Later bought my flies from Orvis, couldn't afford one of their masterpieces of bamboo. When I moved here I seen one of their Battenkills (?) used with a Zebco reel as a crappie jig rig. I kid you not. I used only Cortland fly line. Would experiment with leader length to get things landing right. So many great memories. One year I got one of those Shakespeare automatic reels and if I caught something small I would get it up top then hit the button and skip it back over the water to me. It would arrive stiff as a board. When my first wife left she took all my fly gear I had then and threw it in a dumpster somewhere. Bless her heart.


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              I had bought a cheaper rod when I started getting into it. It casted fine but it was a little hard for me to cast it was a combo and everything came with it. Then when it snapped I bought a more expensive rod a still tried to use the line that came with the combo. Guess it was a cheap line and didn’t cast very good on the new rod. I broke down and bought better line it worked great. Try not to under weight it which I think was my first problem. Second was I was not using the right flies for the weight of the rod. Also the more you practice with the rod you’ll learn your cast and will figure out what’s going on. It could be that the line is sticking to the rod or your not casting hard enough for longer casts. You can buy stuff for that.


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                I have no advice to offer, just here to commiserate. I bought a cheap fly rod this summer and practiced quite a bit. But I’m still getting tons of wind knots, and when I’m not getting knots, I’m only casting about 10ft past the tip of the rod.


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                  Originally posted by Outlaw View Post
                  I have no advice to offer, just here to commiserate. I bought a cheap fly rod this summer and practiced quite a bit. But I’m still getting tons of wind knots, and when I’m not getting knots, I’m only casting about 10ft past the tip of the rod.
                  Try not to watch what is going on in front of you. Watch what the line is doing behind you. The longer the line you have out the longer you pause on your back cast. On your backcast you want pretty much all the line out except for a small j on it before you cast forward. Also how big are the flies you are using.




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