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Sealed Drags vs Cork

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  • Sealed Drags vs Cork

    Not sure I like the recent trend of sealed drags in fly reels. IMO nothing beats a quality cork drag. Quality cork is hard to find and sealed drags were a cheap alternative for reel manufacturers. Just my two cents.

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    So many names for reels out you almost had me clueless on this but I understand that you like the cork washers for drags instead of a rubber washers. The only problem with the cork is you have to keep them well lubricated so they don’t dry out. Also saltwater can beat them up a little quicker but with anything your gear is as good to you as you treat it.


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      Sealed drags are cheap compared to quality cork. If reel manufacturers were honest they would say "we've made the reel cheaper but am still charging the same price". It's one of those cases where the marketing is better than the product.




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