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I have 3 fly rods and on a day she isn’t watching, I am thinking of getting another (used) one. But before I do, I need input f

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  • I have 3 fly rods and on a day she isn’t watching, I am thinking of getting another (used) one. But before I do, I need input f

    I have 3 fly rods and on a day she isn’t watching, I am thinking of getting another (used) one. But before I do, I need input from the crowd. For smallmouth bass fishing and other fish of heavier weight that what I am used to. What weight? 6 or 7 and what length? I would assume the shorter the better, but I have been known to be wrong. What brand would you recommend? I am thinking of a used St Croix. I know where I can lay my hands on one in 6. There is the off chance I could use the heavier one for say large mouth. So should I go for the heavier weight?

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    The St Croix Imperial is a great blank for the price. 9 foot is a good length.

    If you plan on throwing larger bass flies or heavy weighted flies to bass an 8 or 9 weight will work better.


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      A lot is personal preference, and greatly depends on the size of the flies you throw, not the size of the fish you catch. There are lots of good flyfishing outfits out there now.


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        Here is an example of a variable to answer your last question. IF I could use a smaller, wind resistant fly for largemouth, AND IF there were not weeds that largemouth could dive into, and snag me up, I could use a 4 wt. But big flies, and weed growth?...problably need an 8wt to keep them out of the weeds. And if I am in a boat standing high above the water to cast? 8 ft rod would be fine. But if I wade waist deep to cast, or fish low to the water out of a float tube?...need a 9fter to keep the line up off the water. Too much depends on the situation.


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          Dangle is right and the reason I own dozens of fly rods. Just too many scenario's.


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            Well as of last night, I am now the proud owner of another fly rod, 8 weight. Thats about 10 rods and reels for me 4 of them fly rods.


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              Wanna get good at fly fishing? those 4 rods you have a lot more than the other 6. I get frustrated at teaching young people to flyfish. They want immediate gratification today rather than the time it takes to get good at something approach. The general theme I get is "I take both with me, my flyrod, and my spinning rod.' That statement tells me they will become at best, a so-so fly angler.




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