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Could someone explain the lines used in fly fishing? I put all the lines on, but there is a lot of tangling with the leader. And

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  • Could someone explain the lines used in fly fishing? I put all the lines on, but there is a lot of tangling with the leader. And

    Could someone explain the lines used in fly fishing? I put all the lines on, but there is a lot of tangling with the leader. And how long should your leader be?

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    Might want to pick up a book on flyfishing or take everything to a local fly shop and ask for help, or find another flyfisher to show you. Some fly shops have free training seminars. Also do a search for fly fishing on the Internet. Some sites, like Orvis, have a ton of tips, including charts to select leader/tippit size and lengths. They also show how to tie the best knots at each connection. Correct knots are key.

    Basically ... the reel and rod and fly line should be matched to what you are fishing for and how you fish.

    From the reel are backing, fly line, leader, and tippet. If you have a forward taper line, make sure the taper end is connected to the leader, not the backing.

    If there are already loops at the end of the flyline and leader then just interconnect the loops. Otherwise, tie them together.

    The small end of the leader is the tippet. As you tie flies to it, it gradually gets used up. You can replace the lost line with additional tippet material.

    To unwind a new knotless tapered leader, find the large end of the line - this is often a loop. If you look closely you can see that it is wrapped around the circled leader. Carefully reverse wrap it. After a few turns the rest of the leader will fall free. Try not to get any knots into it.

    The leader will probably have a set and will wind up on itself. There are a couple of ways of taking out the set. I just grab a couple of feet at a time and gently stretch it apart for a few seconds. This removes most of the set. The rest should come out as you start casting.

    Backing - used to connect the reel to the flyline. Provides insurance in case a fish pulls all of the flyline off the reel. Crucial for hardrunning fish. Use backing material not mono.

    Flyline - the thick line that is actually the mass that is cast. Different tapers and weights for different applications. Also floating and sinking. Higher the weight the heavier the line.

    Leader - a tapered length of line. Higher the number the thinner the tippet. Could be knotless or tied with with several pieces of progressively smaller line. Typically provides a gradual transition from the fly line to the fly. If everything is in balance, as you cast you will see a tight U-shaped loop work down the fly line and transfer smoothly through the leader, so that it fully extends, turning the fly over as the loop disappears, so that it lands gently on the water.

    I hope this helps rather than confuses. Best to get someone to show you, get books, or videos. Or like me, all three. Knowledge will come quickly.


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      Couldn't have said it better myself, but you forgot to say Tippet, its an addition to the end of you're leader that you tie the fly to, it keeps you from having to buy a ton of leaders. the difference between a fly line and normal fishing line is: you cast the fly line in flyfishing, not the lure, that is why the line is so heavy.


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        Wow , thanks guys. Im a lot less confused now! THANKS!


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          Agreed with MLH answer above and A + 1 for you sir!!!




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