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    Anybody have experience with the VRO's ? Put a new / old stock one on and it does not seem to pump anything. Oil bulb does stay hard so that might be o.k. Question is , do you have to prime the gas and oil after an installation ?

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    Do a search on YouTube I’m sure someone will have something to help out.


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      I have seen all the conversions but want to keep the original Variable Ratio system. At slow speeds it stretches the ratio of oil to 100:1, go fast and it drops it to 25 or 30 to 1

      In the old days we ran 1 qt to 6 gal. I had a 6cyl in line merc of 90 lhp and when I went through a channel with a slow speed limit I would foul out the plugs every time.

      today, if I troll the plugs stay clean with the 100 to 1 ratio


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        Just got a new Ship to Shore radio and it is really neat. It tells you your Lat and Longitude so if you have an emergency you have it right there. Lots of other features my old set does not have. Also bought a hand held marine radio for a back up - many of the same features as the new one.
        Going to install it tomorrow. The prices are way down - $104.00 for the radio(Uniden 3 year warranty) on sale and $50 for the hand held. The radio has a range of 100 klicks, hand held about 20 klicks.

        Speaking of boats - had a long chat with a Navy guy who was on LST's and a FastBoat in Nam. He did not see John Kerry there.

        25 knots equals about 29 mph
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