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Dealing with game wardens.

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  • Dealing with game wardens.

    A man with two buckets of fish was leaving Galveston beach well known for its fishing and was stopped by a game warden. The warden asked the man, "Do you have a license to catch those fish?"

    The man replied to the game warden, "No, sir. These are my pet fish."

    "Pet fish?!" the warden replied.

    "Yes, sir. Every night I take these fish down to this beach and let them swim around for about a half-hour, When I whistle, they all come back, jump back into my buckets, and I take 'em home. We do this every night."

    "That's a bunch of hooey," said the warden. "Fish can't do that!"

    "No, really! says the man. "Here, I'll show you." And he releases the fish in the ocean.

    "Well, I've GOT to see this!" the game warden replied.

    The man and the warden stood and waited. After several minutes, the game warden turned to the man and said, "Well?"

    "Well, what?" the man asked.

    "When are you going to call them back?" the game warden huffs.

    "Call who back?" the man asked.

    "The FISH."

    "What fish?

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    Cute... good job 99


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      Speaking of game wardens, there's a new show to go along with North Woods Law and Lone Star Law -- "Louisiana Law." Premiered last night, I think. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the colorful characters the officers have to deal with down there.




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