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  • Nice fish!

    What's your best fish ever, either the biggest or the one you're most proud of?

    Here's a possible state-record largemouth caught recently in Albany County, New York.

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    Easily my most memorable would be an 18” brown trout I caught using a black ant pattern I tied on a size 20 hook, I’m still not sure how I finessed that one in. I doubt I could even tie a fly that size on a line today.


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      Nothing big or spectacular, a large mouth bass in a local lake. I was a teen, with no bass experience and no idea if the lake even had bass. Chucked out a brand new Jitterbug and worked it like I'd read about in F&S, even after some guy told me I was wasting my time. He was wrong.
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        I do have a couple but you said one fish so my would be a golden rainbow. I’ve been trying for them and just last year I tied a fly with my puppies hair that passed away a couple years ago. I was fishing for the golden for a couple hrs and nothing. Last fly I was going to try for the day and I saw it in my box said she’ll give me some luck. Three or four casts and I was hooked on the golden. My puppy’s fly worked great.

        Click image for larger version

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          Two come to mind.
          I'm about 10 and my grampa took me to the Neches River to walk a big loop and cast for bass.
          I cast up beside a log and my Arbogast #2 Hawaiian Wiggler fell across a limb. When the lure cleared the limb and plopped into the water beside the log, a swirl and surge and I suddenly had a "monster" largemouth hooked up!
          He weighed in at a mighty three pounds when we got him home! I thought I was Cap'n Ahab! LOL!

          First trip to Kodiak, we're trolling for salmon. We hooked up two silvers and a couple of guys were fighting them.
          The Cap'n had "mooching rods"(that's what HE called them! LOL!) set up. When we stopped trolling, the others were encouraged to "mooch" along the upwind side of the boat.
          I was about halfway into the downward part when I felt a bump and the bait just went dead. Reeling up, I felt a bit of a surge and the bait went dead again.
          I'm slowly reeling up when the guide saw me.
          "Get a bite?"
          "Yeah, but I don't feel anything."
          "He's coming to the boat! Reel faster!"
          My "bite" prove to be a 35 pound king!


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            I'm not much of a fisherman but one of my fishing photos was used in a news story. So I guess that's my most memorable:

            “Do you fish in the Cahaba? Here’s what you need to know about where fish is unsafe to eat.
            ( My photo submitted to the Cahaba River Society )

            “In July, the Alabama Department of Public Health released its annual fish consumption advisories, a list of the state’s recommended limits on eating different types of fish found in Alabama’s rivers and streams.

            “The department catches and tests certain types of fish and then issues advisories to anglers not to eat fish or limiting consumption of fish that are contaminated with dangerous pollutants. One hundred and thirty two advisories were issued across 98 waterbodies in Alabama.

            “Three of these advisories occurred in the Cahaba River, and all of these advisories were due to mercury, an airborne pollutant caused by the burning of fossil fuels, as is done by coal-fired power plants, and the burning of waste.

            “Fish consumption advisories for the Cahaba River have increased in recent years. In 2016, none of the Cahaba sampling locations detected mercury problems. In the 2018 and 2019 Fish Consumption Advisories, THREE of FOUR sampling locations detected enough mercury to warrant limitations on consumption.

            “There are only four locations along the entire length of the Cahaba where fish tissue is monitored, while our neighboring Black Warrior River is monitored in over twice as many locations per square mile. Given the limited area designated for these advisories and the widespread air deposition source of the mercury, we think it would be prudent for the Alabama Department of Public Health to consider extending the fish consumption advisory to the entire Cahaba River until more extensive fish-tissue sampling can show that the mercury contamination is not more widespread.

            “Fishing is a popular activity along the Cahaba, and many anglers rely on this food source to supplement their family’s diet. These people deserve to know whether the fish that they are eating are safe.

            Here are the current fish consumption advisories for the Cahaba River:
            Area Species of Fish Advisory Pollutant
            AL Highway 219 (Bibb County) Spotted Bass No more than 2 meals/month Mercury
            AL Highway 183 (Perry County) Spotted Bass Do not eat Mercury
            Lake Purdy Reservoir Largemouth Bass No more than 1 meal/month Mercury


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              The heavy metals in Lake Erie and tributaries have worked their way down through the silt in the bottom. Some rivers that were polluted for 50 years now have a fishery. Most Lakes have a 1 meal per week in an abundance of caution. Most fisherman trim the upper and lower fat off a filet.


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                I caught a 40 inch steelhead on Staney Creek on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska a few years ago. My best friend, a fly fisherman from Alberta, had passed away the year before and gave me all his flies. I caught that fish on one of his flies casting a 13 ft spey rod. Nice fish, great friend, special memory.


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                  One of my best is a 36 pound 8 ounce King salmon that broke the Wisconsin state record long ago. I never reported it though as I just don't get into that. I did win a trolling motor with it though from a local sporting goods stored where I had it weighed. I would have won a $50K boat and truck package had I signed up for the salmon tournament going on that day. I had actually stood in line to register for a couple hours before I bailed out and went fishing. There were a couple thousand boats in that contest and they just weren't set up to handle them.

                  I also caught the biggest largemouth bass I have ever seen in my life down in Florida in the 90s. His mouth was the size of a toilet bowl and when I held his nose at my belt, his tail dragged on the ground. I think he was over 20 pounds but I threw him back before he got winded. I was sure hoping some kid would get the thrill of landing him one day.

                  My most exciting fish was about a 450 pound blue marlin that just missed my head as he jumped from port to starboard over the boat. He had come completely out of the water and flew about 10 feet in the air when he struck a teaser line just behind the prop. He sounded about 900 feet deep and then came to the surface at full speed and jumped over me. I ducked and laid both hands on my rod out in front of me. I tucked my head between my arms as the line zinged over me. About 200 yards of mono line zipped through my hair as he hit the water and skipped off almost 600 yards to starboard. All I could think of at that moment was Captain Ahab. Unfortunately, he was too wiry for me. He jumped high several times and came down bill first on my twin 1000 pound leaders, slicing them both off. I didn't get to land him but he was certainly one of the most exciting fish I've ever tangled with.


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                    Sometimes I'm reminded that I've lived a pretty mild and uneventful existence compared to some of you guys. Which is okay. Dakota, that marlin story is one for "This Happened to Me" in Outdoor Life.




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