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    I had a relative in Alaska who used to send us smoked salmon jerky-strips. That stuff was delicious. Really interesting texture, too -- tough and chewy, but soft and kind of greasy at the same time. Good satisfying food to have in your pack when you're out hunting.

    Most of the salmon I've eaten out of Lake Ontario wasn't all that good. Seems like they've got kind of muddy flavor, the big kings anyway, and I find them mushier than trout. But then, I'm used to young brookies out of really cold streams. Probably cleaner water than Ontario, too.


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      First off, I've tried that slimey garbage they sell you at WalMart for smoked salmon.
      I don't know where to tell you to find good smoked salmon, but don't use that crap.
      Next, be very cautious! Good smoked salmon is expensive and habit forming! LOL!
      Every time I go to Kodiak, I always put back $100 to buy smoked salmon from "Island Seafood" where they process our catch.
      A crisp Benjamin will get you about 5 or 5.5 pounds of really good salmon ... IF you get the coho. About 3 pounds if you buy king!

      Smoked salmon dip:
      Again, personal preference!
      I never measure anything. I just "add to" until it tastes good.
      Crumble and debone smoke salmon.
      I prefer Kraft "Miracle Whip".
      Add to taste or until you reach the desired consistency. Remember, it's a "dip". I recommend a smooth, pasty texture. If it breaks the chips or crackers, add a little more mayo.
      Add to taste:
      finely chopped bell pepper
      finely chopped red onion
      black pepper to taste
      capers* (to me, salmon dip ain't salmon dip without the capers! LOL!)
      mix well and chill
      Serve with Fritos "Scoops", Ritz crackers or whatever "floats your boat".

      This is a "basic" recipe! Add or subtract whatever you think you will like.

      *capers are pickled flower buds and add a dillish, almost salty flavor.
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        Originally posted by Buckshott00 View Post
        Was planning a Salmon Charter in Lake MI. Found Some Decent rates might see about some spring Coho.
        I have been out of Saugatuck a few times and limited on king salmon.

        You don't need a big boat to fish that area when the Lake is calm. There were trolling 300 or 400 yds off shore back and forth across the mouth of the river. Our boat ran out about 5mi.
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          Bubba, that sounds pretty good. I'm sure I would like it because I've eaten tuna prepped like that more times than I can count. I really like good Salmon sushi too. It might seem weird but instead of as a dip, you can put it between two pieces of toast as as sandwich.


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            Jimbo, used to love to go out there. I've been to most of the dunes. Even having been out there all those times, I never knew they did charters. I guess I thought people just put-out at all the marinas. It seems so obvious in hindsight, but I never even thought of it.




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