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  • Contaminants

    How are the waters in your area? Do you get to each much fresh fish?

    Most of my local waters aren't even listed on the state health advisory, though we do have a region-wide (Finger Lakes area of New York) advisory of no more than 4 meals per month.

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    There's a neighborhood pond in our subdivision that takes runoff from the surrounding houses. Though the waters are untested, I'm reluctant to eat many fish from there because of yard chemicals and possible contamination from septic tanks.

    My favorite local rivers are the Cahaba and the Black Warrior. Both are under the watch of various environmental groups. I'll eat fish from both but on the Cahaba I avoid the smaller upstream portions due to septic system runoff.


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      Think all flowing waters in my county are fish consumption advisory (all species).
      Think the reservoir out east of town a ways is OK for all but bottom feeders.
      Used to be decent manufacturing area.
      I won't eat anything from this county, never have.

      There is a much larger reservoir a county or two over, that has no advisory.

      Have no idea what farm runoff does to any private ponds around.

      I'm in my 50's so am past making babies........suppose I could cook up a mess of crappie fillets without issue.

      There's a public boat ramp about a mile from my house. Water treatment plant there.

      I've shot carp there w my bow (won't wade it). Kayak guys said there are some decent walleye/sauger hybrids there.


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        LOL.........wonder how many won't eat fish from local streams, but burn a Marlboro and drink a diet soda.

        (I don't do either of those BTW).


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          Originally posted by CD2 View Post
          LOL.........wonder how many won't eat fish from local streams, but burn a Marlboro and drink a diet soda.

          (I don't do either of those BTW).
          I've thought the same thing.


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            Water treatment plants shouldn't be a problem. It's industrial waste from years ago that should be of more concern.


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              I've done a thousand things over my life that could've ended me. I figure the cell phones and drivers my main constant threat. I'll continue to eat crappie, yellow perch, walleyes, and all trout and sunfish/bluegills. If that's what does me in, considering the tons of them I've done in, I'll consider us square. Side note: I think there are fewer turkeys this year but man are they vocal. Gobbling all day everywhere.


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                Most of the rivers have an amount on what to eat. Which I wouldn’t really eat a fish from some of my rivers, from the pollution, waste plants and others. There are some lakes and creeks I wouldn’t eat fish from cause of just the trash that is in the lakes from people. Anything up north would be safer to eat. Nice spring run offs can’t beat that clean of water. Now just gotta watch them gas drilling for polluting the waters.


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                  Matt, in my experience, if a body of water isn't listed in NY, it's because they haven't been testing (though there are some exceptions). There are some bodies of water that just don't accumulate the mercury in the same way because of their chemistry. I pay attention to the advisories for the most part. The only silver lining is that it's another reason to do what we should be doing anyway, which is releasing large fish and keeping small ones.


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                    Silver lining............mercury.................pun intended?




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