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Beginner- loosing lures

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  • Beginner- loosing lures

    Hey folks. Rookie question here about loosing lures. It’s early spring up in Vermont and I’ve been told to fish deep because the fish aren’t too active yet and that’s where the fish are. So, I’ve been doing that. And loosing lures, a lot. Should I be using a bobber so the lure doesn’t drag and snag the bottom of the river? How often do you snag and loose lures? Because this could get pricey! Haha


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    You need to learn how to use them certain lures are deep divers and say how deep they run. For those who tell you, you have to go deep I wouldn’t listen to them considering the fish will come up from drop offs to hit a lure. How deep are you trying to fish are you trolling with them. Before casting a lure out. Let some line out or cast it like five feet them wind in to see what your lure does. Wind in slow then fast. Usually the faster you go the deeper they will run. Also you can buy lure retrieval’s. They run down your line and will get the lure out of the snag.


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      If you're talking about spring trout fishing in streams and smaller rivers: Yes, typically, in the colder waters of early spring in the north, fish are less likely to be moving about the water column (up and down), since they're generally not moving around as much anyway. Colder water, slower metabolism. However, trout being cold-water fish by preference, it doesn't take much of a temperature rise to get them more active. Even on cold days before the water's warmed up to mid-spring, early-summer temps, fish will indeed chase lures.

      Other than a strike-indicator for drifting nymphs, I've never heard of using any kind of bobber for stream lures. It would be pretty awkward on the retrieve, and in some conditions probably make a bubbly wake that might spook stream trout. You can control the depth that your lure occupies with the speed or manner of your retrieve. A lure like a spinner or spoon, for example, typically sinks fast and will slowly keep sinking if you're retrieving them very slowly. A smooth, mid-fast retrieve will generally keep them at the same depth. A lipped lure, though, like a crankbait, is made for diving and will be completely different Just experiment and see what happens.

      Yes, unfortunately, snagging and losing lures is a part of fishing. Not much you can do about it if you're trying to find fish near the bottom -- other than learning to read streams and make good guesses about where there are underwater snags, stumps, roots, rocks, etc. Pay attention when you do get snagged and remember those spots. Fish through the summer when the water's low and take note of where those different kinds of structure are -- then next spring, even though things might have changed somewhat (small streams normally do, from year to year), you'll still have a decent working knowledge.

      Regarding those expensive lures: We've all got our preferences, but if we are talking about spinners and spoons for stream trout, the less expensive ones can be perfectly effective. Rooster Tails are about half the price of Panther Martins or Mepps, for example. I've caught plenty of stream trout on just a Colorado blade threaded on the line with a clevis above a couple of beads. That's the old-fashioned "two-way spinner," and the old-timers typically sweeten them with a worm or salted minnow.
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