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what are some good rods and reels for pike fishing?

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  • what are some good rods and reels for pike fishing?

    Ive been bass fishing my whole life, but ive noticed that there is a lot of pike in the past couple years at the bay by my house. Most of the people catching them are shore anglers as well. ive looked at bass pro shop on line and i am not sure which reels are meant to be for pike fishing. I notice that most of the people are using spinning rods that are going for them so is that the way to go or would a bait caster be better? I have a 6'6 medium heavy spinning rod sitting in my garage so would I be able to get away with that? I guess also what line should I best using here like mono or test. Also the most bang for your buck the better

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    I fish for Walleye in Lake Erie and use a heavy action Shakespear Alpha Boron, similar to a UglyStick.
    About 12lb test line. Fish run 3 to 10lbs. I keep only the 4 to 5lb fish.


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      Really depends on what type of "pike" you're targeting. For walleye I use a 6'3" medium light with 6 lb. p-line. This is mainly a jig, lindy rig, and drop shot platform. The hardware set-up really depends on how your style and bottom structure etc. If you're targeting large northern or muskies the set-up changes quite a bit. Maybe an 7-8 ft. medium to heavy casting platform with anything around 30lb. and up braided line. Not to mention sore forearms.


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        Pike are not particularly fast swimmers nor do they do a lot of top water gymnastics. Therefore, any reel you use will be fine as far as the fight is concerned. You want plenty of line capacity though because a big pike can cruise for a much longer distance than bass and you need to present your lure over longer distances too.

        I use Daredevils almost exclusively for pike and have found that the larger the lure, the larger the fish you will catch. Something like a medium weight Ugly Stick will work fine as long as it has enough length to chuck a heavy Daredevil way out there.

        Believe it or not, I've actually caught thousands of pike with an Abu Garcia close faced spinning reel using 10-12 pound line. I've probably caught over a thousand pike over 20 pounds with that reel. A decent spinning reel would work well too. The key is being able to send your lure as far as possible on every cast. It is best to work the shore line, reaching as far as possible in both directions.


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          I've caught a bunch of pike, usually start out fishing for something thing else. Big pike will happily chomp a muskie lure (spoon, small crank bait) pulled by a fast moving spinning reel. Or spoon rigged for small mouth. I use a Penn reel for large line size a durability. Medium to heavy ugly stik with fast action to toss into and pull small and medium weight spoons over weed beds.

          The most important part is the leader. You no longer need wire leaders. Get a spool of 50 or 80 to 100 lb fluorocarbon some line crimps (There is a official name for them I just can't remember it) make some leaders. I carry pre made with me always, so i can in seconds take my braided line, connect a leader and troll that weed bed. My point is the magic tackle for pike is that fluro leader.


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            A class 3 reel should work just fine maybe even step it up to class 4. You could also use it for a catfish rod and reel. Honestly if the reel has a good drag on it, you could fish with them on a 10 lb mono line. It's when the fish see you or the net is when it gets hard. So the best is to hide the net until last sec and then scope it up.


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              I would like to suggest to you a spinning rod I recently bought. Check out Favorite Cobalt. I will now explain quickly why I like it and will then provide you with a detailed information about the rod, which you can read on my blog (there is video of a 15lb catfish and small pikes I've fished with the rod).

              There are models with a wide range of lure tests from which you can pick. I chose the 15-35 gr. Which is about 1/2 oz. - 1 1/4 oz. The action of the rod is moderate fast. I intentionally bought a rod that is not with a fast or very fast action as I need a backbone power after the strike. With a moderate fast action you also have no worries of casting bigger lures at high distances without worrying of breaking the rod.

              The guides are high quality K-type but the rod is a bit heavy at a length of 9ft. so consider balancing it with a reel weighing about 300 - 350gr. The rod is very powerful and is made primarily for saltwater fishing but is very good for bigger pikes. Consider buying it only if you want to go for bigger fish with 20-30lb braided line (big pike, muskies or even catfish).

              I'm also giving you a link where you can red more if interested (I've personally tested and written the review).

              The rod is budget and retails around $70 on the American market.

              The reel I've paired the rod is Ryobi Zaber CF 4000 (recommend it only for freshwater fishing, weight - 320gr., very smooth drag and perfect line lay with slow oscillation).


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                I've been an avid pike angler most of my life, and have tried everything from big baitcasters to light spinning rigs. A lot of guys favor baitcasting gear, usually touting its ruggedness and smooth drags. The truth is that saltwater fishermen catch far larger and more athletic fish than pike on spinning gear. A lot of guys also recommend heavy gear for fishing large lures. I've done the big lure thing for many years and could never determine whether I actually caught bigger pike or not. What I did determine was that huge lures cost a lot and required huge tackleboxes to store. These days I mostly use a medium or med heavy rod and a 4000 size spinning reel and generally fish lures in the 2-5" range. If you are using braid you can use a smaller reel but I still use mono in the 10-15 lb range. IMO the new Uglystik GX2's are a pretty good rod for pike, they have plenty of backbone for setting the hook and can cast up to about 1.5 oz pretty well. I like the Daiwa BG reels for their smooth drag and rugged build, and I have some old Mitchell 300's that I still use as well. Besides the heavy duty/vintage reels I've had good luck with Pflueger President reels.

                Pair a 7' Ugly Stik with a size 40 President, spool it up with 12 lb Big Game, and take a good selection of 1/2-1 oz spoons, spinnerbaits, and rattle baits. You're ready to fish pike anywhere in North America.




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