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For bass fishing, what is a good rod and reel to match up with heavy braided line, and what types of lures work best with heavy

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  • For bass fishing, what is a good rod and reel to match up with heavy braided line, and what types of lures work best with heavy

    For bass fishing, what is a good rod and reel to match up with heavy braided line, and what types of lures work best with heavy braided line?

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    One of the beautiful things about braid is its versatility, with a fluorocarbon leader it can be fished just about anywhere and on almost any outfit. However I will assume that when you say heavy braid your implying that heavy cover will be present.
    In my opinion you will want to fish this on a baitcasting rod and reel (though you could get away with a spinning rod and 4000 size spinning reel). I would recommend a rod that is at least medium heavy power and fast action. Heavy power would probably be better though if you’re new to using heavier gear then it is better to start on the lighter side so the transition is less abrupt. The reason that you will want a heavy rot is because you need to be able to horse fish out of thick cover. You will also want a Rod that is at least 7 feet long, 7 and a half is probably even better. Again, the longer rod rives you more leverage for horsing fish out of cover.
    For a reel most any baitcasting reel will do, make sure it has a strong drag though. You will want a reel with at least a 6:1 gear ratio, personally, I prefer 7:1. A fast rear ratio makes you a more efficient fisherman as you can make more casts, pick up slack quicker and waste less time getting you bait back to the boat. With reels you pretty much get what you pay for however, a less expensive real will still serve you well, it will not last as long and will likely not be as smooth but it will certainly work.
    As for lures you need to tailor that to the fish and the cover. Topwater frogs are a good choice, either buzz frogs or hollow bodied ones, in fact, it almost seems as though frogs were made to be the perfect braid lure. You can use spinnerbaits as well, many will recommend fishing a spinnerbait on mono or floro but if you wait to feel the weight of the fish before setting the hook then you’ll be just fine. Perhaps the best techniques for braid are flipping and pitching, both can be done with either a jig or some kind of Texas rigged soft plastic. Sweet Beavers are a good place to start but let the fish tell you what they want.
    Tight lines and good luck




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