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  • Spawners

    Some anglers object to bass fishing during the spawn, saying that even catch-and-release is harmful since a bass bed can be invaded by perch, rock bass, etc. while the parent fish is off the bed.

    What's your opinion on fishing during the spawn, with bass or any other species?

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    Catch and release if you're concerned.
    Each female lays thousands and thousands of eggs. It's nature's way of insuring regeneration.
    I wouldn't worry about it a whole lot.
    It wouldn't be a big deal to release half your catch or all the egg laden females.
    The quicker you land them, the less you stress them.
    I think it's a personal choice.


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      I’d say it depends on the fishery involved. In a backwater setting that gets little pressure I doubt it would make much difference. In a heavily fished lake that gets other stresses as well then maybe not a good idea.

      Tournament fishing gets a bad rap for mortality rates at times, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a bigger issue.


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        Leave them alone until after the spawn.

        What can damage and over fishing do ? Perch limit is now down to 6 fish - unless that was a typo. Years of taking 100 or more plus the Canadians had/have no limit at all and this is what we get. A year of tremendous Walleye and the Perch are almost decimated.


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          Catch and release has been going on for a few years on Oneida. Last year's catch rates for smallmouth bass were down. I think it has more to do with to much food.

          Gobies have arrived.


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            All depends on the fish, bass I would let go since they aren’t really stocked and need to spawn for them to be there.

            So now who to believe. Some say catch and release, some say as soon as you catch them the eggs are attacked, and some say the bass never go back to the nest when you catch them.

            With all that that said it’s up to you to make the right decision.




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