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A lot of questions today. When should I fish a jerk bait? What is your favorite big bass lure? When and how should I fish a soft

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  • A lot of questions today. When should I fish a jerk bait? What is your favorite big bass lure? When and how should I fish a soft

    A lot of questions today. When should I fish a jerk bait? What is your favorite big bass lure? When and how should I fish a soft plastic swim bait? Also what period is considered pre spawn?

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    Sigh, ok lets go.
    1. Typicaly when fishing clear colder water durring the prespawn, They can be fished any time bass are suspended so if the water is warmer use a faster retrieve.
    2. What they are biting on that perticular day. If you must have one bait a Spinnerbait is pretty consistent for me.
    3. Depends on the conditions. Lots of people use them to fish deap structure that they cant reach with crankbaits.
    4. Pre = before. Before the spawn. If your talking calender dates its gonna depend on the area your in and the size of the body of water. Bass typically spawn when the water reaches 65 degrees but there will be early and late spawners. Most people consider pre spawn to be when the water is between the 40s to low 60s.


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      I got 2 of the 4. My favorite big bass lure is the Z-man chatter bait. It hasn't let me down yet. And I use a soft plastic swim bait when they won't bite anything else. Storm paddle tail shads or curly tail minnows almost always catch fish for me. I like the curly tails better because you can reel them as slow as you can and they will still work where as the paddle tails have to be used at a certain speed or they don't paddle.


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        My best bait would have be a senko style worm, Yomamoto or the YUM dinger 5 inch, best colors for me are baby bass and green pumpkin.Texas rigged and when the worm is tore up I save them for when I wack rig. happy fising


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          I live in minnesota and pre spawn is around late march to early April and depending on how long the winter lasts the bass will wait until mid April but I usually fish jiggs and shakey head rigs for the bass. On a good day they will go for a little topwater action too. But if you can get the lure down into their nest then they will usually put it in their mouth out of defense. It can be hard to tell when they do that so you have to get really used to the feel of the lure so when there is a small change you can set the hook!!! Hope that helped


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            My favorite would be a blue jig with pork trailer and half a blue power worm. I cant count how many 5 pounders i caught on that deadly combination.




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