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need some help with fly fishing. never done it but gonna try. need a fairly cheap setup, that could cover bluegill? bass? and Tr

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  • need some help with fly fishing. never done it but gonna try. need a fairly cheap setup, that could cover bluegill? bass? and Tr

    need some help with fly fishing. never done it but gonna try. need a fairly cheap setup, that could cover bluegill? bass? and Trout? i dont know if thats possible but ill make do. i have no idea what im getting into so any suggestion is a good one! thanks

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    oh yea. i need info on line leader. flys. tippet. anything lol. thanks


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      I wouldn't spend much on your first setup just so you don't end up with a bunch of expensive gear that you don't use.

      Other than that it would be very helpful if you could list the type of water you'll be fishing on. (i.e. lake, river, other?) What is the average size of the fish in your area?


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        This is not two things that go together fly fishing and cheap but lets give it a try.Bruisesausage is correct I wound not spend to much getting started and your question is rather vauge.Bass,bluegill and trout are different needs in fly fishing,you cast the line with a fly rod and line weight is the focal point of your search.What will you be fishing for most if trout in smaller water 5 weight would be a good selection,bass 6 wt.or 7 floating line.Cabelas Bass Pro LL Bean and Gander Mountain all sell starter sets and the discriptions of the rods will help.Fly fishing is a great way to go it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.


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          You can get some fairly inexpensive rod-real combo packages from suppliers like Cabelas that also come with a couple of flys and accessories.

          But, You might want to also look around and see if there's a fly shop around you. I'm sure the owner would help you with advice and tackle specific to what you're fishing for. A good shop won't try to stick you with hundreds of $ in gear if you're new. Walk away if they pull out a $200 rod that they tell you needs to be your first purchase. Most shops are really helpful and many also give lessons, even if they are just informal ones, for free. (Warning: they are just trying to get you into the sport so they can get your money later).


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            Shakespeare used to sell a combo for less than $20/$30.
            I've worn out a couple already and love 'em.

            Just an aside.
            Keep in mind the Shakespeare setup is inexpensive. Will it work? Sure! Just not very well for very long. Once you get the basics down, find a little better rig.
            Inexpensive equipment CAN hinder you learning. You don't need a Rolls Royce to learn with, but you don't want to enter Daytona in a '64 Ford Falcon! LOL!


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              There are a few full outfits from that cost in the $100 range. Those are decent setups that will do what you want, and that is cheap in fly-fishing terms. I would get a 6wt rod and line. I fish for bluegill and trout on my fly line. Sponge spiders are great flies for bluegill. Find a local fly shop if available and they will help you with needed flies.


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                Basspro, cabela's, gandermtn, etc. each offer starter outfits that will come complete with rod, reel, backing, line, leaders, flies, and most likely some vest accessories for around a hundred bucks.
                5 or 6 wt. sounds about right for the fishing you describe.




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