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A friend and me are buying a small fishing boat for local lakes and maybe rivers, we have two good boats we like but cant decide

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  • blackdawgz
    The semi-vee is more stable under any circumstances.

    The flat-bottom takes longer to get on a plane.

    Then it pushes a big wave, and is slower.

    Vee-bottoms work for the same reason as aircraft with upswept wings.

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  • vtbasser
    cgull is right as far as the properties of each boat go. I would just get whichever is wider, then you will have more fishing room and it will be more stable. Recognize that some of the room in the v boat is unusable for fishing because it is the very bow.

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  • santa
    I like the flat bottom myself just for personal reasons. The big expense in a boat purchase is the motor. The old Johsons and Evinrudes are getting harder to get parts for. The ignition parts, carb parts, and water pump parts for all the motors in the adds are not hard to get but major parts are. The second largest expense is the trailer. Check the wheel bearings, axles, and springs. Look for rust on the bolts holding the axle in place as a rough indication of problems. Good luck and happy boating/fishing.

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  • sgaredneck
    Cgull is 100% spot on.

    For what I'm seeing in the ad, I think the V-bottom deal looks better. I had a Tracker that was very similar to this. It was a nice boat. Mine had a 25 Johnson, and if there was only one change I could have made, it would have been maybe having a 35 instead. Once you get that v hull all rigged up it will be a good bit heavier than the flat bottom.

    I'd get the V, get the largest motor the hull is rated for, fix up the 10hp, and then find a good 14' jon boat too....then you have your pond/small river/duck hunting rig too. Possibly sell the 6hp to offset the cost of a larger motor for the v hull.

    S Ga

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  • Cgull
    The simi V will break waves and can handle larger waves, flatbottoms will slap waves and is louder. The wider the boat the more stable it'll be, flatbottoms seem to slide sideways more than V's. Nothing wrong with either boat, I have one of each. From the boats listed I like the simi V better. It looks to be a nice looking and nicely rigged fishing boat. Good luck with the one you chose!

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  • Cameron5
    Here are the two boats we are deciding upon. Just copy and past the adress.

    Also the guy who is selling the semi-v(the second adress), we talked him down to $800

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  • A friend and me are buying a small fishing boat for local lakes and maybe rivers, we have two good boats we like but cant decide

    A friend and me are buying a small fishing boat for local lakes and maybe rivers, we have two good boats we like but cant decide on the semi-v or the flat bottom boat, which one would be sturdier to fish from? And could the flat bottom handle waves? would really like any advice we can get. thanks



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